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Nate Feuerstein - I'm Free EP 2012 English Christian Rap Album

Nate Feuerstein -  I'm Free EP 2012 English Christian AlbumI'm Free EP is the Christian Rap Extended Play album released by American Christian Rap, Hip hop artist Nate Feuerstein. This album was released on April 24, 2012 and released under the label Xist Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: I'm Free EP

Artist :: Nate Feuerstein

Release Date :: April 24, 2012

Genre :: Hip Hop/ Rap

Label :: Xist Music

Location :: Michigan, USA

Nate Feuerstein -  I'm Free EP 2012 Biography and historyBiography ::
Nate Feuerstein was born in Michigan state, USA. At the age of 5, his parents got divorced. Later he and his two sisters went to live with his mom. He was physically abused by one of his mother’s boyfriends. so, they lived with his Dad after that and eventually began to have visitation with his Mom. But he loves his mom very much and like to go to her house and spend time with her.

At the age of 12, he started free styling to basic instrumentals. Then he started recording tapes in his old karaoke machine. Later it became hobby to him. So, he started writing songs whatever comes to his mind.

Nate Feuerstein -  I'm Free EP 2012 performing live on stageTracklisting ::

01. I'm Free
02. Alone
03. I've Been There
04. Not The Same
05. Understand Me

Nate Feuerstein - I'm free video song


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