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Stephen The Levite - The Last Missionary 2012 English Chrsitian Hip Hop Album

Stephen The Levite - The Last Missionary 2012 English Chrsitian Hip Hop AlbumThe Last Missionary is the latest American Hip Hop Rap album released by American Christian Hip Hop Rap artist, community leader, christian emcee, Stephen the Levite. This album was released on March 24, 2012 and released under the label Lamp Mode Recordings.

Album Details ::

Album :: The Last Missionary

Artist :: Stephen The Levite

Release Date :: April 24, 2012

Genre :: Rap, Hip Hop

Label :: Lamp mode Recordings

Location :: Philly, PA, USA

Stephen The Levite - The Last Missionary 2012 Biography and HistoryBiography ::
Darrell Bell, popularly known as Stephen the Levite (STL), is a husband, father, community leader, and Christian emcee from philly, PA. The California native is a son of the hip-hop movement, a student of the culture, and one of the leader in a new genre of underground hip-hop music with a Christian exalting message. Growing up in the era when Gangsta rap and East Coast/West Coast rivalries were dominating the urban music scene, STL was a bit different from many of his peers. Taking the time to delve into the origins of hip-hop with his Asian-American, Latino and Caucasian friends while in high school, fleeting music trends didn’t sway STL – his passion was tied to the core tenants of the genre.

Influenced by some of his favorite rappers at the time – Heavy D, Wu Tang Clan, Mob Deep, Common, and others – STL gained his concentration more and more into the music. STL started writing consistently at the age of 15 to hone his craft. The ruggedness, artistry, and competitiveness of hip-hop captivated him.

Upon graduation from high school, after getting saved in his late teens, STL enrolled in Calvary Chapel Bible College. It was there that he begin rapping in a group called Redeemed Thought, spreading the knowledge he gained from his classes to diverse audiences. From the beginning of his career, Stephen the Levite chose to be direct about his faith in his lyrics. After seeing a musical group perform which did not disclose their faith as a driving force behind their music, STL determined that he would be upfront about his musical intentions to his audiences. STL became engrossed in the music that Philadelphia based Christian hip-hop group Cross Movement was doing – the group’s work would become his standard for excellence and a model for his own career.

After feeling led spiritually to move to Philadelphia, Stephen the Levite along with his group mate muzeONE set out to make the city of brotherly love their new home town. It wasn’t long before Stephen the Levite became a part of the Christian Hip-Hop movement, linking up with fellow lyricists, singers, producers, and more. He soon signed to Lamp Mode Recordings and quickly made a name for himself both in the city and around the nation.

Stephen the Levite has a burden on his heart for this generation. “I want to see the family get straight. It all starts with men being responsible, taking care of their kids, being a part of churches and living as upright men. Those are the building blocks of a healthy community.” When asked why the name, Stephen the Levite his answer is simple – “Stephen, the martyr is my hero – he didn’t have a title or prestige, but he stood up for God and people responded to the message he delivered. That is the type of person I want to model, the legacy I want to leave.”

Stephen The Levite - The Last Missionary 2012 Tracks and lyricsTracklisting ::

01. The First Missionary
02. Give It Up!
03. Voltron ft. Mac the doulos & Zae da Blacksmith
04. My Wife’s Soundtrack
05. Fight Club ft. muzeONE
06. Commissionary
07. Dividing Lies ft. S.O.
08. S.O.S. ft. Wes Pendleton
09. Wrote It This Way ft. Timothy Brindle & Hazakim
10. Temptation
11. Enter:Missionary ft. Average Joe
12. Rehoboam
13. Deadbeat
14. Reign & Rebellion ft. Leah Smith
15. Beauty & The Beast
16. The Last Missionary

Stephen the Levite - Temptation (the last missionary)


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