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Thousand Foot Krutch - The End is Where We Begin 2012 English Christian Album

Thousand Foot Krutch - The End is Where We Begin 2012 English Christian AlbumThe End is Where We Begin is the latest Christian Rock album and Sixth Studio album released by World Famous Canadian Christian Rock band Thousand Foot Krutch. This album was released on 17 April, 2012 and released by Independent label.

Album Details ::

Album :: The End is Where We Begin

Artist :: Thousand Foot Krutch

Release Date :: April 17, 2012

Genre :: Rock

Label :: Independent

Location :: Ontario, Canada

Thousand_Foot_Krutch_The_end_is_where_we_begin_2012_Biography_and_historyHistory ::
The End is Where we begin is the latest album by Thousand foot krutch was released on april 17, 2012 in USA and expecting to release on May 8, 2012 in Canada. The Vocalist from the band Thousand Foot Krutch, Trevor McNevan stated "the record is some of the heaviest stuff we've done and some of the lightest". The song "War of Change" was available to download on December 1, 2011.

On November 29, 2011, Thousand foot krutch announced that they are leaving Tooth & Nail Records to release the album independently. This band has setup a webpage offering various fans pre-release packages in exchange for support for the costs in recording and releasing the albums. The TFK Fans who donated money to the band received early downloads of the songs "The End is Where We Begin" and "Courtesy Call" on January 7, 2012. The official release date was announced as April 17, 2012 via the band's Twitter feed.

Thousand-Foot-Krutch-The-End-Is-Where-We-Begin-2012-band-membersBand Members ::

* Trevor "Teerawk" McNevan
* Steve Augustine
* Joel Bruyere

Past Members ::

* Dave Smith
* Pat Pedasiuk
* Geoff "Johnny Orbital" Laforet
* Christian Harvey
* Tim Baxter
* Mike Harrison

Thousand-Foot-Krutch-The-End-Is-Where-We-Begin-2012-live-performance-on_stageTracklisting ::

01. The Introduction
02. We Are
03. Light Up The Sky
04. The End Is Where We Begin
05. Let The Sparks Fly
06. I Get Wicked
07. Be Somebody
08. This Is A Warning (Intro)
09. Courtesy Call
10. War of Change
11. Down
12. All I Need To Know
13. Fly On The Wall
14. So Far Gone
15. Outroduction

thousand foot krutch - the end is where we begin hd video


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