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Family Force 5 - III.V 2012 English Christian Album

Family Force 5 - III.V 2012 English Christian AlbumIII.V is the latest Christian Crunk Rock album released by American Christian Crunk Rock band from Atlanta, Family Force 5. This album was released on May 01, 2012 and released under the label Tooth & Nail Records and III Entertainment.

Album Details ::

Album :: III.V

Artist :: Family Force 5

Release Date :: May 1, 2012

Genre :: Crunk Rock

Label :: Tooth & Nail Records, III Entertainment

Location :: Atlanta, GA, USA

Family Force 5 - III.V 2012 Biography and historyBiography ::
The band Family Force 5 was formed in Atlanta, Georgia. Three of the five members, Solomon (AKA: "Soul Glow Activatur"), Joshua (AKA: Fatty), and Jacob Olds (AKA: Crouton), are sons of Jerome Olds, a popular Christian artist in the late 1980s. Before the formation of Family Force 5, these brothers were members of a "boy band" known as The Brothers, and released the albums Fact and Reality (1994) and RPM (1995) and released on Star Song Records, produced by their father.

In Between the formation of bands The Brothers and Family Force 5, the brothers had a band called Ground Noise, which they classified as "a really bad version of Third Day." Later, the three brothers added Derek Mount (AKA: Chap Stique) and Nathan "Nate" Currin (AKA: Nadaddy). Atleast they have chosen the name "The Phamily" and later changed to Family Force 5 due to copyright issues.

10yrs later, the band signed with Maverick Records for distribution to the mainstream market before signing to Gotee Records for the Christian market. Under their previous name "The Phamily", the band sought a dual recording deal to better distribute their music to both the mainstream and Christian markets.

Family Force 5 - III.V 2012 Band MembersBand Members ::
  • Solomon Jerome Olds (Soul Glow Activatur)
  • Jacob Olds (Crouton)
  • Joshua Olds (Fatty)
  • Nathan Currin (Nadaddy)
  • Derek Mount (Chap Stique)

Family Force 5 - III.V 2012 live concertTracklisting ::

01. Zombie
02. Cray Button
03. Love Addict (Backwoodz Acoustic Remix)
04. Kountry Gentleman (Gatorbait Acoustic Remix)
05. Fever (Booyah Acoustic Remix)

Family Force 5 - Zombie music video


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