Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Patrick Dopson - Open The Heavens 2012 English Christian Worship Album

Patrick Dopson - Open The Heavens 2012 English Christian Worship AlbumOpen The Heavens is the latest Christian Praise & Worship album released by American Christian Worship leader, gospel artist, song writer and entrepreneur from Birmingham, Patrick Dopson. This album was released on May 1, 2012 and released under the label OILONIT MUSIC.

Album Details ::

Album :: Open The Heavens

Artist :: Patrick Dopson

Release Date :: May 1, 2012

Genre :: Praise & Worship

Label :: OILONIT Music

Location :: Birmingham, AL, USA

Patrick Dopson - Open The Heavens 2012 Biography and HistoryBiography ::
Patrick Dopson has been in music ministry since the age of seven when he started playing the drums and singing in the church where his father pastored in Selma, Alabama. As a young boy, Patrick came to know that his destiny would be ministering to people through music. He used to sit for hours on the front pew of the church and watch and listen to every detail when his mom used to lead choir rehearsals. He grew up listening to christian gospel artists like The Winans, Commissioned, John P. Kee, Marvin Sapp, Gary Oliver, Fred Hammond, Shirley Caesar and mass choirs, which influenced his life.

At the age of 19, Patrick married was married to Christina. A few months after they were married, he took first full-time position as worship leader at a large multi-cultural church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Later, he served in that role under many ministries including Bishop Gary Oliver’s Tabernacle of Praise in Fort Worth, TX.

Patrick Dopson - Open The Heavens 2012 singing live on stageTracklisting ::
  1. Rest of My Days
  2. There's a Release
  3. I Just Want You
  4. You Bring Out My Praise
  5. Not About Me
  6. Reign
  7. Keep Me
  8. Alive
  9. You Bring Out My Praise
  10. That Is Why

Patrick Dopson - Rest of My Days live video



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