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Theory Hazit - Thr3e 2012 English Christian Album Download

Theory Hazit - Thr3e 2012 English Christian Album Download
Thr3e is the latest Christian Hip Hop / Rap Music album released by American Christian Hip-Hop Rap artist, Theory Hazit. This album was released on January 10, 2012 and released under Humble Beast Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Thr3e

Artist :: Theory Hazit

Release Date :: January 10, 2012

Genre :: Hip-Hop / Rap

Label :: Humble Beast Records

Location :: Cincinnati, OH, USA

Theory Hazit - Thr3e 2012 singing the song from Thr3e
Biography ::
Most artists in the hip hop genre stick to developing one skill: emceeing, DJ’ing, graffiti, or break dancing. This development turns into a hobby for some, but for others, the result is a new musical career. If you consider the beginnings of Cincinnati based emcee, Theory Hazit, you can understand why he had no choice but to become one of these talented, “Jack-Of-All-Trade” Hip Hoppers.

Born and raised in Winchester, Kentucky, Theory’s family was instrumental in developing his musical interests. After being introduced to funk and R&B by his passionate uncle, the future artist heard “Planet Rock,” and picked up break dancing. Theory’s cousin, Dave, was a DJ and kept him up to date with all the latest jams in the 80’s. This relationship eventually led Theory to beat boxing in 1988, which was the foundation of his production and beat skills. In 1991, the lyrically combustible emcee penned his first rhyme, a diss song aimed at Kriss Kross.

Theory released a handful of early albums between 2002 and 2006, eventually leading to a relationship with Braille of Lightheaded on the record label, Hip Hop Is Music. In 2007, Theory dropped his incredibly successful debut album, “Extra Credit.” This album officially seated Theory Hazit as one of the most compelling emcees in the hip hop community.

Fans were drawn to his explosive energy, witty lyrics, and personal insight into his family life. Riding the buzz of “Extra Credit,” Theory along with Vintage released “Lord Fire” in 2008, which set ablaze any doubters or skeptics. Theory Hazit was the real deal.

After hearing beats over Myspace, Mr. Hazit linked up with producer Toni Shift and began work on the album, “Modern Marvels,” in 2009. Released on Illect Recordings in January 2010, “Modern Marvels” has become the most successful selling album to date for the Cincinnati triple threat. After one spin of “Modern Marvels,” any new listener can understand why Theory is seen as one emcee with enough style to give the impression that he is a 3-man group.

Theory Hazit intuitively understands music, period. He knows how to create and pick beats that will move the crowd but also provide a landscape for his aggressive, battle-punch-line lyrics. Influenced by soul, funk, and a dash of swagger, Theory’s music encourages the listener to feel good and listen to his real talk.

On “Modern Marvels,” Theory combines the swagger of a well-established veteran with tidbits of intimately revealing insight into his personal life. This combination results in soulful music made with clear confidence in his abilities and trust in something greater than himself.

Theory Hazit has shared the stage with successful acts such as Blu, Illmaculate, Substantial, DJ Revolution, Black Milk, One Be Lo, Sojourn, Lifesavas, The Pharcyde, Lightheaded, Red Cloud, S1, !llmind, Cunninglyguists, The Breax and many more.

Theory Hazit - Thr3e 2012 playin a instrument live
Tracklisting ::

1. Three Intro
2. Find Me (feat. B. Reith)
3. What Lies Beneath
4. Old Derty Hazit
5. Interlude
6. Angel Pt.2
7. I Need You More Than Ever (feat. Donavan Luke Henry)
8. For A Lack Of A Better Word
9. As The Day Goes Bye
10. Change Gonna Come (feat. Colette Chantel)
11. Distorted Joy (feat. Melanie Rutherford)
12. Doomsday Insurance
13. Jo Jo Dancer

Theory Hazit - Thr3e Intro


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