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Third Day - Miracle 2012 English Christian Album Download

Third Day - Miracle 2012 English Christian Album Download
Miracle is the latest Christian Rock album released by American Christian Grammy Award winning band, Third Day. This album was released on November 6, 2012 and released under the label Provident.

Album Details ::

Album :: Miracle

Artist :: Third Day

Release Date :: November 6, 2012

Genre :: Rock

Label :: Provident Records

Location :: Georgia, USA

Third Day - Miracle 2012 biography and history
Biography ::
Third Day is a Grammy award-winning Christian rock band formed in Marietta, Georgia during the 1990s. The band was founded by lead singer Mac Powell, guitarist Mark Lee and former member Billy Wilkins. The other band members are bassist Tai Anderson and drummer David Carr. The band's name is a reference to the biblical account of Jesus' rising from the dead on the third day following his crucifixion. The band was inducted in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame on September 19, 2009.

In 1992, Mac Powell and Mark Lee were playing at Lee's church the same night that David Carr & Tai Anderson played with a band called Bullard Family Singers. Once introduced, the group took to each other quickly and Carr & Anderson were invited to join the band.

In 1993, while remaining in school, the band started playing more aggressively around Atlanta and saved $3,000 to record a full-length album. Also, during this time, Wilkins, who was working full-time as a school teacher, decided to leave the band. Third Day continued to work on their album, recording at Furies Studios in Atlanta. With the production help of Carr, Long Time Forgotten was finally released in 1994 with 2,000 copies available. In 1995, the band started looking for a second guitarist and after hearing Brad Avery play with singer Chris Carder, Avery was asked to audition with the band. After playing Consuming Fire during their first rehearsal, Avery was officially asked to join the band.

As the band rounded off its line-up, at that time, Mark Lee had made difficult decision to quit the band, yet never really went through with it, to pursue a full-time college load at Georgia Tech. So the band was found by and selected guitarist August McCoy. McCoy later went on to write & recorded with artists such as Sammy Ward, Brothers-n-Christ, and Sunsol; he is also seen reuniting after 13 years on the 2007 "Revelations" CD/DVD combo release. August McCoy is officially "The most forgotten & left out of the Third Day Legend" since he 'was' an official member at that time and appears in the line-up on the "Contagious" CD release and is firstly thanked in the subsequent Gray Dot release of the band's next self-titled release) August McCoy ended up being the one to leave for college, exiting the band, when they started playing more steadily in venues around the Southeast. While playing in Marietta, Georgia at the Strand Theatre, the owners offered the band a contract to sign with a new independent record label called Gray Dot Records. With recording contract in-hand, the band released the album Third Day, which ended up selling 20,000 copies. Shortly after, Reunion Records bought out their Grey Dot contract and signed the band to a multi-album deal.

Third Day - Miracle 2012 band members
Band Members ::
  • Mark Lee
  • Mac Powell
  • David Carr
  • Tai Anderson
Third Day - Miracle 2012 live performance on stage

Tracklisting ::

01. Hit Me Like a Bomb    
02. Kicking and Screaming    
03. Your Love Is Like a River    
04. I Need a Miracle    
05. You Are My Everything    
06. For the Rest of My Life    
07. I Want to Believe in You    
08. The Victory    
09. Take Me Back    
10. Forever Yours    
11. Time's Running Out on Me    
12. Morning Has Broken

Third Day - I Need A Miracle lyric video from the album "Miracle"


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