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Casting Crowns - The Acoustic Sessions Volume 1 2013 English Christian Album Download

Casting Crowns - The Acoustic Sessions Volume 1 2013 English Christian Album Download
The Acoustic Sessions: Volume One is the latest Christian Adult Contemporary album released by American Christian Adult Contemporary Rock band, many times Dove award winner, world famous christian band, Casting Crowns. This album was released on January 22, 2013 and released under the label Reunion Records and Provident Group LLC.

Album Details ::

Album :: The Acoustic Sessions: Volume One

Artist :: Casting Crowns

Release Date :: January 22, 2013

Genre :: Adult Contemporary

Label ::
Reunion Records, Provident Label Group

Location :: Atlanta, GA, USA

Casting Crowns - The Acoustic Sessions Volume 1 2013 Biography and History
Biography ::

Over the past eight years, Atlanta based Casting Crowns has consistently delivered music that points believers back to what truly matters, and the band does so yet again on Come to the Well. Casting Crowns continues to deliver passionate, thought-provoking music, yet these songs are among the most intensely personal offerings the group has ever shared.

"As a believer, all of your life has to stem from what you draw from," says Casting Crowns frontman and principal songwriter Mark Hall. "If you're drawing from a marriage, you're in trouble because that person wasn't created to complete you. If you are trying to draw from a career, you're in trouble. If you are trying to draw from your strengths, strengths come and go. All these things are really holes, not wells. Jesus is the well."

Remembering that simple, but powerful, truth has served Hall and his bandmates (Megan Garrett, Melodee DeVevo, Hector Cervantes, Chris Huffman, Juan DeVevo and Brian Scoggin) well, particularly over the last few years as they've juggled faith, family, music and ministry. Even as Casting Crowns has become Christian music's most successful act, Hall and his fellow band members have continued working at their home churches. Hall has remained a youth pastor at Eagles Landing Baptist Church as the band's music ministry has gained global acclaim.
On its fifth studio album, Hall once again takes some of the messages he's shared with students and parents at Eagles Landing and pours them into songs. "Teaching through the story of the woman at the well with my teenagers and my families is where it all came from," Hall says of the inspiration for the new album.

"Your friends aren't the well. They aren't always going to do the right thing or be there for you. You draw from Jesus. You pour into your friends. Your scholarship can't be the well. If your knee goes out, your well is dry. You need to draw from Jesus, pour into that. It became such a theme for everything that I have been teaching. Your walk with Jesus is where it all starts. It's where it all comes from. That is where it started with the idea of Jesus being the well vs. other things. I knew before any other songs were written that this album had to be called 'Come to the Well' because that is the central theme of everything we're going to talk about in the next two years."
Come to the Well was produced by Mark A. Miller, who has produced the band since they signed with his Beach Street Records imprint in 2003. "He is so awesome to work with," says Hall. "We just start putting it together and he's really easy going. There's never any pressure."
Hall, who has won two "Songwriter of the Year" GMA Dove Awards, collaborated with some old friends in writing for the new record and also made some new ones. He and Steven Curtis Chapman penned "So Far to Find You" about Mark's adopted daughter Hope.

Casting Crowns - The Acoustic Sessions Volume 1 2013 Band Members
Band Members ::
  • Hector Cervantes (guitar/vocals)
  • Juan DeVevo (guitar/vocals)
  • Melodee DeVevo (violin/vocals)
  • Megan Garrett (piano/vocals)
  • Mark Hall (lead vocals)
  • Chris Huffman (bass)
  • Brian Scoggin (drums)
Casting Crowns - The Acoustic Sessions Volume 1 2013 live performance on stage
Tracklisting ::

01. If We Are The Body   
02. East To West   
03. American Dream   
04. Who Am I   
05. Here I Go Again   
06. Delivered *New Song   
07. Somewhere In The Middle   
08. Set Me Free   
09. Only You Can Satisfy *New Song   
10. Praise You In The Storm

Casting Crowns - The Acoustic Sessions: Volume One youtube video


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