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Relient K - Collapsible Lung 2013 English Christian Album Download

Relient K - Collapsible Lung 2013 English Christian Album Download
Collapsible Lung is the latest Christian Pop Rock album released by American Christian Rock band, many times Grammy award nominee band, Relient K. This album was released on July 02, 2013 and released under the label, Mono Vs Stereo Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Collapsible Lung

Artist :: Relient K

Release Date :: July 02, 2013

Genre :: Alternative, Rock

Label :: Mono Vs Stereo Records

Location :: Canton, Ohio, USA

Relient K - Collapsible Lung 2013 Biography and History
History ::
Collapsible Lung is the seventh album by American rock band Relient K. It is set to be released July 2013. The name of the album comes from the title track "Collapsible Lung", which is the last song on the record. The band has played various songs from the upcoming album live, such as "When You Were My Baby", "Boomerang", "PTL (Part Time Lover)", and "Sweeter". The band has also mentioned a song called "Lost Boy" while in the studio in late 2012.

In an interview, band leader Matthew Thiessen said that the album is more of a pop album, because he felt it needed to be written. He went on to say, "That being said, our next album will definitely be a rock record. Maybe even punk rock, who knows?"

Following the departure of drummer Ethan Luck, the first single "Don't Blink" was released with a lyric video on YouTube.

On May 17, 2013, Relient K posted the album art, saying that the album would officially be released on July 2, 2013.

Relient K - Collapsible Lung 2013 Band Members
Band Members ::
* Matthew Thiessen (lead vocals, guitars, piano)
* Ethan Luck (drums, vocals)
* Jon Schneck (guitars, banjo, bells, vocals)
* John Warne (bass, vocals)
* Matt Hoopes (guitars, vocals)

Relient K - Collapsible Lung 2013 live video shoot tracks
Tracklisting ::

01. Don't Blink    
02. Boomerang    
03. Lost Boy    
04. If I Could Take You Home    
05. Can't Complain    
06. Gloria    
07. PTL    
08. Disaster    
09. When You Were My Baby    
10. Sweeter    
11. Collapsible Lung    
12. That's My Jam (Bonus Track)

Relient K - "Collapsible Lung" youtube video


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