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Jason Bare - Love is Alive (2014) English Christian Album Download

Jason Bare - Love is Alive (2014) English Christian Album Download
Love is Alive is the latest christian Gospel Praise & Worship album released by American Christian Worship leader, singer, song writer, Jason Bare. This album was released on February 25, 2014 and released under self label.

Album Details ::

Album :: Love is Alive

Artist :: Jason Bare

Release Date :: February 25, 2014

Genre :: Gospel, Praise & Worship

Label :: Jason Bare Music

Hometown :: Nashville, TN, USA

Jason Bare - Love is Alive (2014) Biography and History
History ::

Singer/songwriter and worship leader Jason Bare is no stranger to ministry in music. After spending a lifetime growing up as a preacher's kid, attending Lee University, traveling with the Lee Singers, honing his songwriting skills, and dedicating 16 years to leading congregations in praise and worship, Jason now takes a bold new step into the realm of the music industry.

In December of 2010, Jason released a Christmas song, co-written with Nathan Walters (Plus One) titled, “For The First Time.” The song was an instant success climbing to the No. 1 spot on CMW's Worship charts, No. 2 on CMW's Inspirational charts, No. 8 on the Christmas charts, and remained as one of the most added songs for 5 weeks! This radio success created a domino effect that has led to some exciting opportunities and accomplishments along Jason's career, including; his first national release, “Beautiful Design,” 5 national radio releases, numerous features in CCM Magazine, New Release Tuesday, The Examiner, The Christian Post, and many more.

Jason has also been a featured guest on numerous television networks/programs including; TBN (Praise The Lord), WTGL- TV45 (The Good-Life), JCTV, Gospel Music Channel, CTN, Cornerstone TV Network, Atlanta Live, Babbie's House and more.

Jason released his first Music Video, “You Found Me ” (produced by Yake Films) in April 2011. By the fall of the same year, he released his first Christmas CD, “Have You Heard,” and as in the previous year, found great radio success with the title track. The song climbed to No. 2 on the CMW's Inspirational charts, No. 5 on the Christmas charts and remained in the Inspirational Billboard TOP 20 charts for 4 weeks!

Now, on the road FULL-TIME, Jason is whole-heartedly pursuing all that God has planned for him! (Jeremiah 29:11) The past 2 years have been great, beginning with the exciting release of two BRAND-NEW radio singles, “Hope Again,” co-written with Loren & Felicia Barton (American Idol, Season 8), and “You Never Change,” co-written with Nathan Walters and Gabe Combs (Plus One). These songs helped solidify Jason's place as a powerful and effective Christian artist! Jason worked harder than ever with more than 150 dates, numerous television appearances, and many radio stops along the way, and a new Christmas single “What Child Is This?” that became the most downloaded song to date at New Release Tuesday!

While touring and guest leading worship for some of the nations largest ministries including Saddleback Church (Irvine, CA - Rick Warren), Jason has been writing and recording with numerous talents in the music industry, Ian Eskelin (Dove award winning producer/songwriter), Michael Farren (Pocket Full of Rocks), Aaron Rice (Grammy nominated songwriter/producer), Jennie Lee Riddle (Revelation Song), and many more. Showing no signs of slowing down, Jason expects 2014 to be the best year yet, beginning with the release of his all new vertically focused CD, “Love Is Alive.” Produced by Aaron Rice & Luke Buishas, the corporate push of this record is sure to grasp worshipers worldwide! Jason's music and heart towards worship proves that he is passionate to reach the purpose God has on his life, and hopes to help others achieve the same.

Jason Bare - Love is Alive (2014) HD poster tracklisting
Tracklisting ::

01. God of All
02. More Than Enough
03. When I'm Found in You
04. Lamb of God
05. Light of Your Love
06. Let It Be Praise
07. Love Is Alive
08. Bigger
09. Everlasting God
10. He Took My Place
11. Miracle Maker


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Luminous City - Luminous City (2014) English Christian Album Download

Luminous City - Luminous City (2014) English Christian Album Download
Luminous City is the latest Christian Alternative Indie rock album released by American Christian band collective of musicians, songwriters, and artists from Rolling Hills Community Church and Music City. This album was released on February 04, 2014 and released under the label, Rolling Hills Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: Luminous City

Artist :: Luminous City

Release Date :: February 04, 2014

Genre :: Alternative, Indie, Rock

Label :: Rolling Hills Music

Hometown :: Nashville, TN, USA

Luminous City - Luminous City (2014) Biography and History
History ::
LuminousCITY, a collective of musicians, songwriters, and artists from Rolling Hills Community Church and Music City, announce the release of their eponymous debut recording. The modern sacred collection of new and re-imagined songs represents more than a year of dreaming, songwriting, and collaboration, set into motion by a successful Indiegogo campaign. An intimate meditation on prayer, space, and the Divine, LuminousCITY’s street date release is slated for February 4, 2014.

“The arts are a sacred invitation to connect and commune with our Creator,” reflects Chad Jarnagin, Worship Arts Pastor at Rolling Hills Community Church and LuminousCITY collaborator. “It is our mission to create art that draws people into intimacy with God, and we are humbled to have our faith family come around us and generously give to make this happen.”

Set into motion through a successful Indiegogo campaign with more than 70 donors, LuminousCITY is a vision several years in the making. With its close proximity to Nashville, Rolling Hills in Franklin, Tenn. has long been home to a number of musicians, artists, and songwriters. As these worshipers have grown as a community, writing songs and making music, a vision emerged for a ministry focused at creative arts professionals—pastors, writers, painters, artists, musicians, songwriters, and dreamers. LuminousProject began in 2011 as a contemplative movement and space designed to encourage, inspire, and enlighten.

“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14
LuminousCITY builds on the vision of LuminousProject, shining the light of the Creator through a musical exploration of space, sound, and liturgy. Born in the Rolling Hills arts community and backed financially by friends and partners of the church, LuminousCITY is a true collective, comprised of vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Chad Jarnagin (Worship Arts Pastor at Rolling Hills, Among Thorns), singer/songwriter Lanae’, vocalist/songwriter/guitarist David Curtis (Worship Arts Pastor South Nashville, Run Kid Run), drummer Andy Williams (Casting Crowns), guitarist Cody Bender (VOTA), vocalist Jennifer Akers, cellist Justin Saunders, and multi-instrumentalist and composer David Gross. This team represents a larger community of passionate and devoted worshipers who share the heart and vision of LuminousCITY. 

“We set out to create a collection of songs that could not only be sung in worship but that drew people into moments of personal worship,” adds Lanae’. “This was definitely a moving experience for us, and I believe that really comes through in the recording.”

This cycle of songs takes its time establishing the right atmosphere. Beginning with an original instrumental by David Gross, a pulsing Rhodes and droning, Hammock-inspired guitars invite the listener to close their eyes, open their hands, and breathe deep. From this etherial space comes the full-band original “Your Love Moves,” which shimmers to life with Lanae’s breathy voice declaring her confident longing for a love that transforms. 

“Kingdom Come” is next, another original performed by Jarnagin that contrasts tight tom grooves with lush instrumentation and layered vocals, calling listeners from a posture of reflection to participation. 

The modern Twila Paris hymn “He Is Exalted” is re-imagined in an arrangement by David Curtis, again returning the listener to a time of sonic reflection before exploding into the anthemic crashing of drums and joyous interplay of vocals and guitars. 

A prayer in song, “Psalm 23” presents an original take on the classic Scripture with Lanae’ echoing the psalmist’s declaration that “You are my shepherd.” Continuing this posture of prayer comes the intimate, “The Silence.” As Bender’s guitars ebb to and from the foreground, Jennifer Akers voices an invitation from the Creator to shed our burdens, fears, and distractions and meet Him in the silence. 

The instrumental “Interlude”, written by Gross and Jarnagin, transitions the recording from prayerful reflection to collective liturgy and an original arrangement of “Doxology.” A Sigur Ros-inspiring drone of synth, string, and distorted guitar lay the foundation for this timeless declaration of praise.

LuminousCITY closes the cycle of songs with a version of Bellarive’s “Stand Tall (Heartbeat)” that is at once benediction and commission. It’s a fitting end to this sonic cycle of reflection, prayer, and worship and a striking fulfillment of LuminousCITY’s mission. 

At once intimate and jubilant, LuminousCITY is a sonic invitation to intimacy with the Creator. You can join them by downloading LuminousCITY on iTunes on 2/4/14.

Luminous City - Luminous City (2014) live performance on stage
Tracklisting ::
1. Intro
2. Your Love Moves (feat. Lanae)
3. Kingdom Come (feat. Chad Jarnagin)
4. He Is Exalted (feat. David Curtis)
5. Psalm 23 (feat. Lanae)
6. The Silence (feat. Jennifer Akers)
7. Interlude
8. Doxology (feat. David Curtis)
9. Stand Tall (Heartbeat) [feat. Chad Jarnagin]


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Bryan Popin - You Can Make It (2013) English Christian Album Download

Bryan Popin - You Can Make It (2013) English Christian Album Download
You Can Make It is the latest Christian Gospel worship album released by American Christian Gospel worship artist, singer, song writer, Bryan Popin. This album was released on October 22, 2013 and released under the label, eOne worship.

Album Details ::

Album :: You Can Make It

Artist :: Bryan Popin

Release Date :: October 22, 2013

Genre :: Gospel, Worship

Label :: eOne Worship

Hometown :: Nashville, TN, USA

Bryan Popin - You Can Make It (2013) Biography and History
History ::
With one listen to Bryan Popin, it’s immediately obvious he has a talent too expansive to be limited to one musical genre, but he calls gospel music home. Early in his career, the legendary Stevie Wonder nicknamed him “Little Boy Wonder” and he’s continued to impress with his songwriting skills and vocal prowess. He’s collaborated with R&B legend Chaka Khan and highly respected worship leader Martha Munizzi. He’s opened for Israel Houghton, Deitrick Haddon, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp and American Idol alum Danny Gokey. At the height of their popularity, ‘NSYNC recorded one of his tunes on their multi-platinum album Celebrity. His diverse resume has earned him comparisons to both Michael W. Smith and Kirk Franklin. Rarely has one artist skillfully covered so much musical territory with such passion and creativity.

Bryan Popin - You Can Make It (2013) live american tour gospel
Tracklisting ::

01. Keep On Praisin'
02. I Can Make It (feat. Byron "Mr. Talkbox" Chambers)
03. Alright (feat. Tamela Mann)
04. Here For You
05. Your Love Amazes Me (feat. Martha Munizzi)
06. Thank You Jesus
07. Awesome God
08. All I Can Give You (Intro)
09. All I Can Give You
10. Beautiful Savior
11. So Incredible
12. The Anthem (Holy, Holy, Holy)
13. I Love You / So Faithful
14. I Love You / So Faithful (String Ending)

Bryan Popin You can make it album trailer


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Jean Watson - The Place You Have for Me (2013) English Christian Album Download

Jean Watson - The Place You Have for Me (2013) English Christian Album Download
The Place You Have for Me is the latest Christian Contemporary Gospel Music album released by American Christian Gospel artist, Jean Watson. This album was released on June 13, 2013 and released under the label, Jean Watson Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: The Place You Have for Me

Artist :: Jean Watson

Release Date :: June 13, 2013

Genre :: Contemporary, Gospel

Label :: Jean Watson Music

Hometown :: Michigan, USA

Jean Watson - The Place You Have for Me (2013) Biography and History
History ::

Jean Watson grew up in eastern Pennsylvania in a little house that had big windows to the world. She remembers feeling 'different' than other kids her age…preferring to listen to music and play the violin rather than play with dolls. Jean was a thinker and a dreamer. She was fascinated with stories of other lands and cultures and was particularly drawn to the people of Great Britain and Ireland. In 9th grade world history class, she was asked to present a report about a nation, and she chose Ireland as 'her' land. As part of that project, she created a picture collage of Ireland. Little did she know that one day she would carry her childhood artwork to the very land that it depicted!

The road to the land of Jean's dreams was longer and more difficult than she ever would have imagined, however. She surrendered her heart and life to Jesus Christ while attending music school at the University of Cincinnati. Her conversion was radical. She had always believed in God but now she clearly heard His voice asking her to completely lay down her life for the Lord's purposes. She believed that God was telling her that she would one day carry His light to many nations. Jean went on to marry, finish a master's degree in violin performance, and have four children. For years, music took a back seat in Jean's life as her priorities shifted to raising a family. The words God had spoken and the dreams of Ireland and Britain were buried deep and nearly forgotten.

For the next few years, Jean took her passion for the Lord and for learning and invested them into her children. She home schooled the children and taught them to pray, dream big, and to see through her 'big windows to the world'. The family moved several times and finally settled in Michigan in 1999. By that time, however, Jean's marriage was deeply troubled, and all of her energy shifted again…..this time to staying emotionally afloat and seeking God's will for her life. Pain and depression had become a way of life by now, and everyone in the family suffered. The marriage ended in divorce, and Jean and the children faced a huge battle for emotional and financial stability.

It was during this season of deep depression and hopelessness that Jean cried out to the Lord in desperation. She remembers opening the Bible and praying David's simple prayer in psalm 116:4, “Lord, save me!” After praying that prayer, a miraculous chain of events began to unfold. Her landlord accidentally heard Jean singing Christmas carols and was deeply moved by the sound of her voice. He encouraged her to pursue music again and even helped fund the making of Jean's first CD in 2002! At the same time, her son was miraculously delivered of a life-threatening drug addiction, and she began to receive invitations to sing and speak in local churches.

It was as if a prison door had opened, and suddenly what had been used to hold Jean back was suddenly being used for the saving of many lives! (Gen 50:20) All the years of pain, depression, doubt, and struggle had become a road to the fulfillment of Jean's highest calling - taking the love of Christ to the nations through words and music.

Jean went on to record more CD's and by 2006, she had received her first invitation to tour in the land of her one of her childhood dreams - Great Britain. In a short time, she had sung all over England, in Scotland, and finally, in her beloved Ireland. In 2012, she was invited to host a radio show on UCB Ireland Radio which she continues to record from her home in Michigan. She describes her ministry in Ireland and England as 'explosive'.

"On my first trip to England, a girl who was almost completely deaf received her hearing during one of my concerts. People were being touched by God, hearts were being changed, and all I did was show up!"

Since then, Jean's heart's desire has been to to see what she calls 'the sound of heaven' come to as many as possible through her ministry. She insists on excellence in her music and is a seasoned performer; but her passion is not to entertain, but rather to watch God transform lives. As one listener writes, "She does not perform, she shares her heart and her soul…the space around her felt hallowed."

Jean's passion for God is joined with a deep compassion for people. Through her own brokenness, she has a compassion for the hurting which draws people to her. It is not uncommon for a concert to close with people lining up for prayer, which is the heart of Jean’s ministry. It is this love - this childlike belief that even small things can change the world - that drives Jean.

Over the years, what started simply as a music ministry evolved into one in which Jean speaks and teaches as much as she performs. She loves teaching and sharing the love and grace of God that she has so richly experienced in her own life. Jean speaks spontaneously with lots of humor, joy, and always the fervent belief that, "with God all things are possible".

She recently released her 5th CD produced by multiple Dove Award winner, Don Koch. "Don has really helped me grow as a songwriter. He stretches me and has helped me paint my music on much bigger canvasses!" Jean's musical style is eclectic and reflects her love of many musical genres. Her ethereal voice is unique and soothing…a fitting vessel to carry the love of God into dark places.

Jean maintains a full concert schedule in the US, Ireland, and the UK. She has also committed much of her ministry time to "the least of these" by regularly visiting prisons, jails, and homeless shelters. When she is not traveling or recording, Jean enjoys playing violin in the Kalamazoo Symphony, spending time with her children, and riding her horse "Rosie". (and she's STILL living in a little house with big windows to the world.)

Jean Watson - The Place You Have for Me (2013) singing live on stage
Tracklisting ::

01. Strings
02. The Place You Have for Me
03. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
04. Glory in the Fire
05. Fragile
06. How Deep the Father's Love
07. Let the Sleeping Rise
08. Never Apart
09. All Creatures of Our God and King
10. More

Jean Watson - Strings lyric video


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Sons of Life - We Will Fly (2014) English Christian Album Download

Sons of Life - We Will Fly (2014) English Christian Album Download
We Will Fly is the latest Christian Contemporary Worship album released by American christian Rock band, Sons of Life. This album was released on February 18, 2014 and released under the label, Rylan Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: We Will Fly

Artist :: Sons of Life

Release Date :: February 18, 2014

Genre :: Contemporary, Praise & Worship

Label :: Rylan Records

Hometown :: Stilfontein, USA

Sons of Life - We Will Fly (2014) Biography and History
History ::
They are the sons of a Powerful Prophet in Southern Africa. Prophet Kobus (Senior Pastor and founder of Spirit Word Ministries) has been in ministry for over 30 years and has seen thousands of miracles all over the world and . Since the boys were young,  the prophet prophesied over the three and encouraged them to pursue their passions and dreams. They were taken to music classes from a young age, and even then it was evident that there was a higher calling on their lives in the area of music. Since then they formed the greater part of the Spirit Word Worship. They have already performed live in front of thousands and they love to share and preach the love of God to many nations.

They met up with Jerry Niswander (current manager of Sons of Life and former manager of Jesus Culture) early in 2013 when Jerry was travelling throughout South Africa with his friend, Darren Wilson (producer of Finger of God & Father of Lights). They came to Spirit Word to show the productions of Wilson, and in the process Niswander heard the trio and felt that he could listen to the Worship the whole night. One thing lead to another and he asked the brothers if they wanted to record an album with Rylan Records (Niswander's production company). The brothers then flew to the USA for the annual Bethel Conference in Redding, California, where they met up with Jeremy Edwardson (producer of Jesus Culture) to talk about the album being recorded with Niswander. During September 2013 Jerry and Jake Hamilton (musician) came to Spirit Word to discuss the live recording of the album and the details pertaining to it. Jake and the boys enjoyed playing together so much that they all decided that Jake had to form part of the recording.

The brothers are all married and two of them already have kids. Kobus to Tracy, Johan to Leandre' and Petrus to Monique. They are through and through family men and know the value of placing God first in their lives and homes. The future excites them, knowing that today is only the beginning of what's about to happen tomorrow. Life has been made to live, and that is what they do everyday, to the fullest.

Band Members ::
  • Kobus van Rensburg
  • Petrus van Rensburg
  • Johan van Rensburg
  • Terence van wyk
Sons of Life - We Will Fly (2014) live performance on stage
Tracklisting ::
01. Burning in My Soul (feat. Jake Hamilton)
02. Alive
03. I Belong to You
04. Swallowed up by Life
05. What a Friend I've Found
06. Fields of the Fatherless
07. Beautiful Rider (feat. Jake Hamilton)
08. The Anthem (feat. Jake Hamilton)
09. Arise
10. We Will Fly
11. At Your Name
12. Welcome Back

Sons of life vimeo music video


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Francesca Battistelli - Write Your Story (Single) 2014 English Christian Song Download

Francesca Battistelli - Write Your Story (Single) 2014 English Christian Song Download
Write Your Story is the latest single released by American Gospel pop singer, grammy and dove award winner, Francesca Battistelli. She announced her next upcoming album, "If We're Honest" and planning to release on April 22, 2014 under Fervent Records.

Album Details ::

Single :: Write Your Story (If We're Honest)

Artist :: Francesca Battistelli

Release Date :: January 14, 2014

Genre :: CCM, Pop

Label :: Fervent Records

Location :: Atlanta, GA, USA

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HeeSun Lee - Stereotypes (2014) English Christian Album Download

HeeSun Lee - Stereotypes (2014) English Christian Album Download
Stereotypes is the latest Christian Hip Hop, Rap album released by Korean Christian Hip Hop artist, Heesun Lee staying at Staten Island, New York. This album was released on January 21, 2014 and released under the label, In My City Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Stereotypes

Artist :: HeeSun Lee

Release Date :: January 21, 2014

Genre :: Hip Hop, Rap

Label :: In My City Records

Hometown :: Staten Island, NY, USA

HeeSun Lee - Stereotypes (2014) Biography and History
History ::
HeeSun Lee is an artist whose presence, talent and life story has opened eyes in the hip hop community. Born in Korea and raised in Staten Island, NY, HeeSun uses her gifts as a poet/lyricist/performer to share her experiences and her love for God. With her debut album, RE:Defined, HeeSun displays a vulnerability rarely seen in hip hop–detailing her experiences as a child adopted out of the foster care system, and as a teenager struggling to find her identity. With more sure to come from this talented artist, HeeSun Lee has announced her presence as a unique voice ready to redefine the game.

Hee‘Sun’ cause’s the ‘Son’ to Shine…Dear Hip Hop,
In today’s day in age, hip hop can be heard all over the globe. From Africa to Europe, Brazil to Canada, and it has definitely become a culture of its own. It spreads messages world wide and breaks cross culture boundaries. In a male dominated, sex and violent commercialized industry, HeeSun Lee is one of the up and coming artist who is causing a shift in the typical message and appearance of hip hop.

Breaking many stereotypes HeeSun Lee, steps up to the plate as a female Emcee who’s voice commands her audience to listen. Before she can even open up her mouth she captures the eyes of her audience because her Korean background stands out amongst the majority. Then as your speakers blast each track your ears are drawn to the unique skill of JahRock’n Productions. Four words, ‘the beats are crazy’!

The album is in a class of its own. There is a track for everyone on it. From the smooth R&B vocals on some tracks, to the upbeat hip hop dance or even a little bit of an alternative rock. The diversity on the album should keep you intrigued and entertained. Passionate about the message of Christ, and speaking from the heart, HeeSun Lee represents for all the Christians who are on the front line spreading the good news of Christ. She uses her gift and love for poetry to explain the real love of Christ through real life scenarios including her own experience as a foster child through her testimony which can be heard on the song Re-Defined. As HeeSun opens her heart over beats, you can see the Son of Man shining through her lyrical rays.

HBO Def Poet Shanelle Gabriel, Grammy nominated Canton Jones, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Lisa McClendon, Mali Music, B.Reith, Pettidee, Ambassador, J.R., Sho Baraka, D-Maub, Papa San, Richie Righteous, SeDa, K-Drama, and much more.

HeeSun Lee - Stereotypes (2014) singing live on stage
Tracklisting ::
01. Intro
02. Tonight Is the Night (feat. Tiffany Michelle)
03. Plastic
04. Breaking All the Rules (feat. Kei Landa & Erica Cumbo)
05. Runaway
06. I Get in (feat. Chris Cobbins)
07. Life Is Too Short
08. I Break Stereotypes (feat. MC Jin)
09. Role Model
10. Get to Know Me (feat. Social Club)
11. Turn Me Around (feat. Mia Hunt)
12. Skin Deep (feat. Mia Hunt)
13. Changed Me (feat. Tan Brown)
14. I'm Supposed to Be
15. Special Pick (feat. Adam Young)
16. North Korea


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Jaron Touhey - Seasons (2014) English Christian Album Download

Jaron Touhey - Seasons (2014) English Christian Album Download
Seasons is the latest Christian Contemporary Rock album released by american Christian Alternative rock artist, musician, actor, model, Jaron Touhey. This album was released on January 28, 2014 and released under the label, Tate Music Group.

Album Details ::

Album :: Seasons

Artist :: Jaron Touhey

Release Date :: January 28, 2014

Genre :: Contemporary Rock

Label :: Tate Music Group

Hometown :: San Angelo, TX, USA

Jaron Touhey - Seasons (2014) Biography and History
History ::
Above all else I do all that I do musically out of love and devotion for God and His Word and Gospel. It started from listening to my mom sing in the church choir, listening to my dads classic rock tapes like Petra, White Cross, and Meatloaf, and whooing the ladies with singing boyband music. I got my first guitar from my sisters boyfriend and persued lessons but they never came so I just taught myself. I've been writing my own music for 10 years now and have been in multiple bands throughout that time. I've led worship for the past 7 years and I love it.  Music is a gift and I have no intentions of trying to put my music in a box where it can be classified any specific way. I like to play all sorts of music and you may find that you like some of it. If you get nothing else from my music though, I pray that you find some encouragement and hope from whatever God's given me in lyric and creativity. God bless you all.

Jaron Touhey - Seasons (2014) singing live in auditions
Tracklisting ::

1. Anger
2. Furthest Thing
3. Let Go
4. Never Again
5. Rest
6. Seasons
7. The One That Got Away
8. You Have Meaning


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Living Word Worship - Be Lifted Up Live (2014) English Christian Album Download

Living Word Worship - Be Lifted Up (Live) (2014) English Christian Album Download
Be Lifted Up is the live Christian Live worship album released by American Christian Praise & Worship Church band, Living Word Worship. This album was released on February 7, 2014 and released under the label, Living Word Church Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: Be Lifted Up

Artist :: Living Word Worship

Release Date :: February 7, 2014

Genre :: Praise & Worship

Label :: Living Word Church Music

Hometown :: Dayton, OH, USA

Living Word Worship - Be Lifted Up (Live) (2014) biography and history

History ::
It was the desire of Pastor Pat and worship leaders, Caleb Flynn and Stephan Stewart, to write songs that reflect the greatness of our God! Living Word Worship is our church’s vehicle to do just that! Living Word Worship is a collection of people who sing and play every week in the Dayton, Ohio area as a part of the Living Word Church.

We believe that in order to lead worship, we must first worship. Worship is a lifestyle, not a separate activity to be engaged in only at specific times and places.

We have seen the Lord do great things in our church time and time again and we consider it a privilege that we are able to be a voice through song that testify of His greatness. Our desire and prayer is that all who hear our music will experience Him and be inspired to believe that the Lord can do the same great things in their life!

Living Word Worship - Be Lifted Up (Live) (2014) live worship in church
Tracklisting ::

01. Higher
02. Fearless
03. Shout Your Praise
04. Greater
05. His Name Great
06. Glory
07. I Lift Up My Hands
08. Be Lifted Up
09. You Are Holy (Isaiah 6)
10. O How Great
11. How Great Thou Art
12. Shout Out
13. Higher (Reprise)


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The Anchor Fellowship - My Song Is Jesus (2014) English Christian Album Download

The Anchor Fellowship - My Song Is Jesus (2014) English Christian Album Download
My Song is Jesus is the latest Christian Live Worship album released by American Christian Worship church band, The Anchor Fellowship. This album was released on January 18, 2014 and released under the label, Anchor Fellowship Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: My Song is Jesus

Artist :: The Anchor Fellowship

Release Date :: January 18, 2014

Genre :: Praise & Worship

Label :: Anchor Fellowship Music

Hometown :: Nashville, TN, USA

The Anchor Fellowship - My Song Is Jesus (2014) live performance in church
History ::
The Anchor Fellowship is home to people from both Protestant and Catholic backgrounds, people of many denominations as well as people who have no history with the Church. We feel that this is a great strength of our fellowship, though we understand that our diversity presents unique challenges.

One of our core values is living life together, learning how to become more and more like Jesus while developing deep and meaningful relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our commitment to living life together is not based on having the same theological points of view. It is our redemption, not denominational creeds, which holds us together.

Doctrine and theology are often the source of unnecessary division within the Body of Christ, and while we vigilantly guard against heresy, we strive to maintain unity in our fellowship. Our approach is reflected in the old church motto: “In Essentials, Unity; in Non-Essentials, Liberty; in All Things, Love.”

With the Nicene Creed as our profession of faith, essentially, we believe the following:

There is only one God, and God is Holy. God has revealed his nature and character to us in the form of the Trinity: God the Sovereign Father, his Son Jesus Christ our rescuer and leader, and the Holy Spirit our comforter and guide.

Because God loved us so much, he gave us his only son to die for our sins and rise again, so that we might have eternal life. As Jesus lived, we will learn to live. But knowing about Jesus’ teachings is not enough: each believer must choose to follow Jesus Christ. We are incapable of following Jesus on our own, and knowing this would be true, Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit to teach us, to guide us, and to transform us.

Jesus Christ is central to everything we are and everything we do, from the mundane to the most profound. Without Christ we are not Christians. Wherever we are, in the midst of whatever we do, we realize that Christ is paramount. Through Jesus we are his body here on Earth and we eagerly wait for the day of his return. We could not follow Jesus without the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Holy Spirit is actively present here today working in a variety of ways, ranging from the contemplative and personal to the miraculous and corporate, through spiritual gifts as well as the unique talents and abilities we each possess.

God the Father, our creator, passionately loves each of us and calls us to participate in his plan and purpose for our lives through his Son and by his grace. This calling is both individual and corporate. We are joined together as get better and better at living in our callings, which we are enabled to fulfill through the grace of God. Grace is the hand of God upon us, enabling us to do the things we are called to do but do not have the strength, skill, resource, or will to accomplish on our own. God’s grace is freely given to us because of and through God’s love.

We stand on the authority handed down to us through the Bible and the traditions of the Church. We believe that the Bible is inspired by God and useful for instruction, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness. As we seek to live righteous lives, we must honor the greatest Biblical commandments: to love the Lord our God with all of our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

As we learn to follow Jesus better and better, we also disciple others—not so they become our followers but so they learn to follow Jesus along with us.

We believe that liberty in the non-essentials must not detract from the truth of the things we hold as essential. Even as we test, try, debate, pray through, and in other ways figure out how to best apply our beliefs to daily life, we recognize that we must not lose the essentials that make us who we are.

We are not perfect. We understand that at times we will fall short, offend, and behave hypocritically. We know that we will not always be right and that we will let people down. But we know that we must keep going, even through our mistakes and failures, in order to succeed at becoming more and more like Jesus. We are not content to remain where we are. Instead, we press on toward mature in our faith, growing more responsible with our callings and our discipleship of others.

Tracklisting ::

01. A Mighty Fortress
02. All Shall Be Well
03. I Belong to You
04. You Are Good
05. Love Victorious
06. You Alone (I Will Not Fear)
07. Blessing and Honor (Ascribe to the Lord)
08. It Is Well
09. Kingdom Come (Prayer for Revival)
10. My Song Is Jesus
11. Blessing and Honor (Reprise)


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