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Cabin in the Sky 1943 English Christian Movie Download

Cabin In the Sky 1943 English Christian Movie HD Poster
Cabin in the Sky is the old christian musical fantasy movie released by Metro Goldwyn Mayer production starring Ethel Waters, Eddi Anderson, Lena Horn etc. This movie was released on April 09, 1943 all over the world directed by Vincente Minnelli.

Movie Details ::

Movie :: Cabin in the Sky

Artist :: Ethel Waters, Eddi Anderson, Lena Horn etc

Release Date :: April 09, 1943

Genre :: Musical, Fantasy

Production :: Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Director :: Vincente Minnelli

Rating :: 7.3 / 10 (IMDB)

Cabin In the Sky 1943 English Christian Movie Poster
Storyline ::
Chronic gambler and carouser "Little" Joe Jackson is shot by Domino Johnson at Jim Henry's gambling club over an outstanding gambling debt. Little Joe's wife, the God-fearing Petunia Jackson, prays not only for her husband's mortal life, but also his eternal soul as she's afraid that if he dies now, he, despite not being an evil man, won't make it into heaven. As Little Joe is close to death, he is visited by agents of both the Lord and of Lucifer. They make a deal with him: they will give him six months to atone for the errors of his human life. Once back on Earth, he won't remember the deal but both the Lord and Lucifer will be watching over him, trying to get him to see things their way. As both sides try to get Little Joe's soul, they figure that some of the most powerful tools they have at their disposal are the women in Little Joe's life: Petunia on behalf of the Lord, and Georgia Brown, a gold-digging floozy, on behalf of Lucifer.

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