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Cageless Birds - Live at Home (2014) English Christian Album Download

Cageless Birds - Live at Home (2014) English Christian Album Download
Live at Home is the latest Christian Praise & Worship folk album released by American Christian Worship band, Cageless Birds led by Jonathan David Helser. This album was released on January 24, 2014 and released under the label, Cageless Birds Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Live at Home

Artist :: Cageless Birds

Release Date :: January 24, 2014

Genre :: Praise & Worship, Folk

Label :: Cageless Birds

Hometown :: Sophia, NC, USA

Cageless Birds - Live at Home 2014 Biography and History
History ::
Cageless Birds is a genuine community of people who love Jesus and love each other.  We live and work at a ministry called A Place for the Heart and the surrounding area.  We love to create and we have a passion to see this generation encounter the love and adoption of the Father.

The idea for Cageless Birds came to Jonathan and Melissa Helser when a community of leaders and creators began to develop from the alumni of their school for the heart, the 18 Inch Journey.  We came to make the head to heart journey and became a strong community of friends who pursued the Lord and served one another.  After several years of building relationships with each other and serving at A Place for the Heart, we launched Cageless Birds in 2013.

We continue to live and work at A Place for the Heart and the surrounding area.  We spend six months out of year leading and discipling the next generation in our school the 18 Inch Journey.  Each year, we host students from all around the world on the 52 acres of land we call home.  Our dream for the 18 Inch Journey is for a generation to find their identity as true sons and daughters in Christ.  We love the opportunity to travel the world as a band leading worship, but our hearts long for the anchor of home. We spend the other six months cultivating creativity and community.  We believe creativity is essential to life since we are made in the image of the Creator.  We find wholeness in making things and sharing them.

Cageless Birds unites our love for community with our desire to create. We want the things we create to inspire those outside of our community and reignite their relationship with the Trinity.  We pray the sounds of our lives and the work of our hands encourage the body of Christ as we share the overflow of our worship and relationship with God.  We just released a project called “Live at Home” with songs and videos that share the story of our community.  Also, we are working to release a magazine featuring original art, writing and photography that centers around enjoying time with God.

If you are interested in supporting Cageless Birds, there are many ways to get involved.

     1) First, come to the worship gatherings in Asheboro, NC.  We have many planned and would love for you to come worship with us.

    2) Second, purchase our music.  We put our hearts into the “Live at Home” project so that you could experience the overflow of our community.

    3) Third, support our mission for the 18 Inch Journey.  We have students coming from around the world and we need your help to grow.  We need to build more buildings in order to accept more students.  Click here to learn more about the 18 Inch Journey and support us.

Thank you so much!

-The Cageless Birds

Cageless Birds - Live at Home 2014 during practise sessions
Tracklisting ::

01. Mt. Zion (ft. Jonathan David Helser)
02. Beautiful (ft. Jake Stevens)
03. Invitation (ft. Molly Skaggs)
04. East and West (ft. Jonathan David Helser)
05. Come Close (ft. Melissa Helser)
06. In the Morning (ft. Chris Miller)
07. Love Come to Life (ft. Melissa Helser & Molly Skaggs)
08. Lose My Ability (ft. Jonathan David Helser)
09. The Lord Is My Light (ft. Joel Case)
10. Sing Winter (ft. Jonathan David Helser & Melissa Helser)



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