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HeeSun Lee - Stereotypes (2014) English Christian Album Download

HeeSun Lee - Stereotypes (2014) English Christian Album Download
Stereotypes is the latest Christian Hip Hop, Rap album released by Korean Christian Hip Hop artist, Heesun Lee staying at Staten Island, New York. This album was released on January 21, 2014 and released under the label, In My City Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Stereotypes

Artist :: HeeSun Lee

Release Date :: January 21, 2014

Genre :: Hip Hop, Rap

Label :: In My City Records

Hometown :: Staten Island, NY, USA

HeeSun Lee - Stereotypes (2014) Biography and History
History ::
HeeSun Lee is an artist whose presence, talent and life story has opened eyes in the hip hop community. Born in Korea and raised in Staten Island, NY, HeeSun uses her gifts as a poet/lyricist/performer to share her experiences and her love for God. With her debut album, RE:Defined, HeeSun displays a vulnerability rarely seen in hip hop–detailing her experiences as a child adopted out of the foster care system, and as a teenager struggling to find her identity. With more sure to come from this talented artist, HeeSun Lee has announced her presence as a unique voice ready to redefine the game.

Hee‘Sun’ cause’s the ‘Son’ to Shine…Dear Hip Hop,
In today’s day in age, hip hop can be heard all over the globe. From Africa to Europe, Brazil to Canada, and it has definitely become a culture of its own. It spreads messages world wide and breaks cross culture boundaries. In a male dominated, sex and violent commercialized industry, HeeSun Lee is one of the up and coming artist who is causing a shift in the typical message and appearance of hip hop.

Breaking many stereotypes HeeSun Lee, steps up to the plate as a female Emcee who’s voice commands her audience to listen. Before she can even open up her mouth she captures the eyes of her audience because her Korean background stands out amongst the majority. Then as your speakers blast each track your ears are drawn to the unique skill of JahRock’n Productions. Four words, ‘the beats are crazy’!

The album is in a class of its own. There is a track for everyone on it. From the smooth R&B vocals on some tracks, to the upbeat hip hop dance or even a little bit of an alternative rock. The diversity on the album should keep you intrigued and entertained. Passionate about the message of Christ, and speaking from the heart, HeeSun Lee represents for all the Christians who are on the front line spreading the good news of Christ. She uses her gift and love for poetry to explain the real love of Christ through real life scenarios including her own experience as a foster child through her testimony which can be heard on the song Re-Defined. As HeeSun opens her heart over beats, you can see the Son of Man shining through her lyrical rays.

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HeeSun Lee - Stereotypes (2014) singing live on stage
Tracklisting ::
01. Intro
02. Tonight Is the Night (feat. Tiffany Michelle)
03. Plastic
04. Breaking All the Rules (feat. Kei Landa & Erica Cumbo)
05. Runaway
06. I Get in (feat. Chris Cobbins)
07. Life Is Too Short
08. I Break Stereotypes (feat. MC Jin)
09. Role Model
10. Get to Know Me (feat. Social Club)
11. Turn Me Around (feat. Mia Hunt)
12. Skin Deep (feat. Mia Hunt)
13. Changed Me (feat. Tan Brown)
14. I'm Supposed to Be
15. Special Pick (feat. Adam Young)
16. North Korea


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