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Jean Watson - The Place You Have for Me (2013) English Christian Album Download

Jean Watson - The Place You Have for Me (2013) English Christian Album Download
The Place You Have for Me is the latest Christian Contemporary Gospel Music album released by American Christian Gospel artist, Jean Watson. This album was released on June 13, 2013 and released under the label, Jean Watson Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: The Place You Have for Me

Artist :: Jean Watson

Release Date :: June 13, 2013

Genre :: Contemporary, Gospel

Label :: Jean Watson Music

Hometown :: Michigan, USA

Jean Watson - The Place You Have for Me (2013) Biography and History
History ::

Jean Watson grew up in eastern Pennsylvania in a little house that had big windows to the world. She remembers feeling 'different' than other kids her age…preferring to listen to music and play the violin rather than play with dolls. Jean was a thinker and a dreamer. She was fascinated with stories of other lands and cultures and was particularly drawn to the people of Great Britain and Ireland. In 9th grade world history class, she was asked to present a report about a nation, and she chose Ireland as 'her' land. As part of that project, she created a picture collage of Ireland. Little did she know that one day she would carry her childhood artwork to the very land that it depicted!

The road to the land of Jean's dreams was longer and more difficult than she ever would have imagined, however. She surrendered her heart and life to Jesus Christ while attending music school at the University of Cincinnati. Her conversion was radical. She had always believed in God but now she clearly heard His voice asking her to completely lay down her life for the Lord's purposes. She believed that God was telling her that she would one day carry His light to many nations. Jean went on to marry, finish a master's degree in violin performance, and have four children. For years, music took a back seat in Jean's life as her priorities shifted to raising a family. The words God had spoken and the dreams of Ireland and Britain were buried deep and nearly forgotten.

For the next few years, Jean took her passion for the Lord and for learning and invested them into her children. She home schooled the children and taught them to pray, dream big, and to see through her 'big windows to the world'. The family moved several times and finally settled in Michigan in 1999. By that time, however, Jean's marriage was deeply troubled, and all of her energy shifted again…..this time to staying emotionally afloat and seeking God's will for her life. Pain and depression had become a way of life by now, and everyone in the family suffered. The marriage ended in divorce, and Jean and the children faced a huge battle for emotional and financial stability.

It was during this season of deep depression and hopelessness that Jean cried out to the Lord in desperation. She remembers opening the Bible and praying David's simple prayer in psalm 116:4, “Lord, save me!” After praying that prayer, a miraculous chain of events began to unfold. Her landlord accidentally heard Jean singing Christmas carols and was deeply moved by the sound of her voice. He encouraged her to pursue music again and even helped fund the making of Jean's first CD in 2002! At the same time, her son was miraculously delivered of a life-threatening drug addiction, and she began to receive invitations to sing and speak in local churches.

It was as if a prison door had opened, and suddenly what had been used to hold Jean back was suddenly being used for the saving of many lives! (Gen 50:20) All the years of pain, depression, doubt, and struggle had become a road to the fulfillment of Jean's highest calling - taking the love of Christ to the nations through words and music.

Jean went on to record more CD's and by 2006, she had received her first invitation to tour in the land of her one of her childhood dreams - Great Britain. In a short time, she had sung all over England, in Scotland, and finally, in her beloved Ireland. In 2012, she was invited to host a radio show on UCB Ireland Radio which she continues to record from her home in Michigan. She describes her ministry in Ireland and England as 'explosive'.

"On my first trip to England, a girl who was almost completely deaf received her hearing during one of my concerts. People were being touched by God, hearts were being changed, and all I did was show up!"

Since then, Jean's heart's desire has been to to see what she calls 'the sound of heaven' come to as many as possible through her ministry. She insists on excellence in her music and is a seasoned performer; but her passion is not to entertain, but rather to watch God transform lives. As one listener writes, "She does not perform, she shares her heart and her soul…the space around her felt hallowed."

Jean's passion for God is joined with a deep compassion for people. Through her own brokenness, she has a compassion for the hurting which draws people to her. It is not uncommon for a concert to close with people lining up for prayer, which is the heart of Jean’s ministry. It is this love - this childlike belief that even small things can change the world - that drives Jean.

Over the years, what started simply as a music ministry evolved into one in which Jean speaks and teaches as much as she performs. She loves teaching and sharing the love and grace of God that she has so richly experienced in her own life. Jean speaks spontaneously with lots of humor, joy, and always the fervent belief that, "with God all things are possible".

She recently released her 5th CD produced by multiple Dove Award winner, Don Koch. "Don has really helped me grow as a songwriter. He stretches me and has helped me paint my music on much bigger canvasses!" Jean's musical style is eclectic and reflects her love of many musical genres. Her ethereal voice is unique and soothing…a fitting vessel to carry the love of God into dark places.

Jean maintains a full concert schedule in the US, Ireland, and the UK. She has also committed much of her ministry time to "the least of these" by regularly visiting prisons, jails, and homeless shelters. When she is not traveling or recording, Jean enjoys playing violin in the Kalamazoo Symphony, spending time with her children, and riding her horse "Rosie". (and she's STILL living in a little house with big windows to the world.)

Jean Watson - The Place You Have for Me (2013) singing live on stage
Tracklisting ::

01. Strings
02. The Place You Have for Me
03. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
04. Glory in the Fire
05. Fragile
06. How Deep the Father's Love
07. Let the Sleeping Rise
08. Never Apart
09. All Creatures of Our God and King
10. More

Jean Watson - Strings lyric video


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