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Sojourn Worship - We Belong to You (2014) English Christian Album Download

Sojourn Worship - We Belong to You (2014) English Christian Album Download
We Belong to You is the latest Christian Praise & Worship album released by American Christian Church Community band, Sojourn Church. This album was released on January 07, 2014 and released under the label, Sojourn Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: We Belong to You

Artist :: Sojourn Church

Release Date :: 07 January, 2014

Genre :: Praise and Worship

Label :: Sojourn Music

Location :: Louisville, KY, USA

Sojourn Worship - We Belong to You (2014) biography and history

History ::
Sojourn Music consists of a group of musicians with backgrounds in jazz, country, and pop who came together with musicians from indie and punk rock backgrounds, seeking to serve the Church with a sense of unity and beauty. Sojourn creates new songs for modern missionary worship, rich in Christian teaching and contextualized in modern culture. Contemporary hymns, psalms, and songs of lament and praise are written by members of the Louisville, KY-based Sojourn Community.

Sojourn Community Church began with a series of conversations about church, community, and beauty. There was a resounding hunger for a different kind of church - something that was ancient and modern, beautiful and true. Those conversations gave birth to a church in Louisville, Kentucky’s urban core, a church that celebrated the creative beauty of our God and the creative glory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through whom we’re redeemed and restored into His family. Sojourn is now a church with three campuses in Louisville and one in southern Indiana, with 2500+ people gathering on Sundays for worship. In 2006, Sojourn launched the 930 Arts Center, a gallery, music venue, and studio space in the Germantown neighborhood which then served as Sojourn's midtown campus. ( Renovations of the former St. Vincent de Paul Church, a 120-year old Gothic Revival cathedral in Smoketown with seating for 900 people, were completed in 2012 and the midtown location of Sojourn moved there. Over the years, Sojourn Music has recorded multiple records of original music, and has led worship at national conferences for Advance The Church, The Resurgence, Acts 29, The Gospel Coalition, and Campus Crusade for Christ.

Sojourn Worship - We Belong to You (2014) worship in the church
Tracklisting ::

01. God Amazing (feat. Roland Worton)
02. All Is for You (feat. Corbin Pierce)
03. More (feat. Zac Shepherd)
04. Awake My Soul (feat. Roland Worton)
05. We Belong to You (feat. Roland Worton)
06. Heart Behold (feat. Olivia Delaney)
07. I Will Sing of You (feat. Zac Shepherd)
08. Here With You (feat. Quinn Cory)
09. Forever Glorious (feat. Mat Guerry)
10. Kingdom Come (feat. Corbin Pierce)
11. Visions of Beauty (feat. Quinn Cory)


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