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Sons of Life - We Will Fly (2014) English Christian Album Download

Sons of Life - We Will Fly (2014) English Christian Album Download
We Will Fly is the latest Christian Contemporary Worship album released by American christian Rock band, Sons of Life. This album was released on February 18, 2014 and released under the label, Rylan Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: We Will Fly

Artist :: Sons of Life

Release Date :: February 18, 2014

Genre :: Contemporary, Praise & Worship

Label :: Rylan Records

Hometown :: Stilfontein, USA

Sons of Life - We Will Fly (2014) Biography and History
History ::
They are the sons of a Powerful Prophet in Southern Africa. Prophet Kobus (Senior Pastor and founder of Spirit Word Ministries) has been in ministry for over 30 years and has seen thousands of miracles all over the world and . Since the boys were young,  the prophet prophesied over the three and encouraged them to pursue their passions and dreams. They were taken to music classes from a young age, and even then it was evident that there was a higher calling on their lives in the area of music. Since then they formed the greater part of the Spirit Word Worship. They have already performed live in front of thousands and they love to share and preach the love of God to many nations.

They met up with Jerry Niswander (current manager of Sons of Life and former manager of Jesus Culture) early in 2013 when Jerry was travelling throughout South Africa with his friend, Darren Wilson (producer of Finger of God & Father of Lights). They came to Spirit Word to show the productions of Wilson, and in the process Niswander heard the trio and felt that he could listen to the Worship the whole night. One thing lead to another and he asked the brothers if they wanted to record an album with Rylan Records (Niswander's production company). The brothers then flew to the USA for the annual Bethel Conference in Redding, California, where they met up with Jeremy Edwardson (producer of Jesus Culture) to talk about the album being recorded with Niswander. During September 2013 Jerry and Jake Hamilton (musician) came to Spirit Word to discuss the live recording of the album and the details pertaining to it. Jake and the boys enjoyed playing together so much that they all decided that Jake had to form part of the recording.

The brothers are all married and two of them already have kids. Kobus to Tracy, Johan to Leandre' and Petrus to Monique. They are through and through family men and know the value of placing God first in their lives and homes. The future excites them, knowing that today is only the beginning of what's about to happen tomorrow. Life has been made to live, and that is what they do everyday, to the fullest.

Band Members ::
  • Kobus van Rensburg
  • Petrus van Rensburg
  • Johan van Rensburg
  • Terence van wyk
Sons of Life - We Will Fly (2014) live performance on stage
Tracklisting ::
01. Burning in My Soul (feat. Jake Hamilton)
02. Alive
03. I Belong to You
04. Swallowed up by Life
05. What a Friend I've Found
06. Fields of the Fatherless
07. Beautiful Rider (feat. Jake Hamilton)
08. The Anthem (feat. Jake Hamilton)
09. Arise
10. We Will Fly
11. At Your Name
12. Welcome Back

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