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Allen Asbury - Let It All Be Yours 2014 English Christian Album Download

Allen Asbury - Let It All Be Yours 2014 English Christian Album Download
Let It All Be Yours is the latest Christian Contemporary Praise and Worship album released by American Christian Contemporary Rock artist, Allen Asbury. This album was released on March 11, 2014 and released under Independent Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Let It All Be Yours

Artist :: Allen Asbury

Release Date :: March 11, 2014

Genre :: Contemporary, Worship

Label :: Independent Records

Hometown :: Branson, MO, USA.

Allen Asbury - Let It All Be Yours 2014 biography and history
Biography ::
Allen Asbury is a man who is obviously doing what he loves. He wears a smile as easily as the shirt on his broad shoulders; the laughter in his voice revealing the same joy that is heard in his music. The bright intensity in his eyes reflects the passion of a man for his God, and the satisfaction he has found in sharing it with others.

"This is who I am," he says simply of his growing music ministry. "It becomes who you are. It's your heartbeat. It's not just what you do -- it affects every part of your existence."

It was Asbury's 2002 debut, Somebody's Praying Me Through, which introduced audiences around the world to his emotion-packed vocals and heartfelt songs. The title track was quickly embraced by churches around the globe, and became the theme song in 2003 for both the Presidential Prayer Team and the National Day of Prayer. The album generated two number one songs, and a busy schedule for the new artist.

But when it came time to begin work on his sophomore Doxology Records project, he was ready. Stand offered Allen the opportunity to sharpen his songwriting skills alongside some of the best, and expose his heart in the process. As a result, the personal commitment he feels to uplifting and encouraging the church is transparent in his music.

Since the release of 2002's Somebody's Praying Me Through, it would be no surprise to find that Allen has logged more than a few thousand miles on his frequent flier card. He's done what industry insiders might call "paying his dues" -- sometimes playing to crowds of thousands, other times not even a hundred. It's the life of a contemporary Christian recording artist, even one whose debut has been lauded as "the arrival of a major new talent" by heavyweight Billboard magazine.

It isn't the miles he's traveled nor the dues he's paid that have brought Allen to where he is today. Don't count accolades or accomplishments in the ranks of those things that make this man truly happy. Instead, weigh the lives of those who have been touched by the songs he sings -- or even more, the people who have touched Allen along the way.

"It means a lot to me to know that some way, somehow, what I am doing is making an impact in other people's lives," says Asbury. I am humbled and truly thankful for every life touched and the blessing that have come along the way.  It's my calling, it's who I am.... No, it's who He is.... yeah, that's what it's all about. My wife and I pray everyday that we will stay passionate about this awesome call God has placed on us and that by His grace we will stay true to it."

Allen Asbury - Let It All Be Yours 2014 at his best live track
Tracklisting ::

01. Healer
02. Love Lifted Me
03. When We Love God
04. Let It All Be Yours
05. Deeper Places
06. Still
07. Psalm 139
08. Almighty
09. Wonderful Peace



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