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Michael Ketterer & United Pursuit - The Wild Inside 2014 English Christian Album Download

Michael Ketterer & United Pursuit - The Wild Inside 2014 English Christian Album Download
The Wild Inside is the latest Christian Alternative Rock album released by American Christian alternative rock artist, Michael Ketterer & United Pursuit. This album was released on February 25, 2014 and released under the label, United Pursuit Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: The Wild Inside

Artist :: Michael Ketterer

Release Date :: February 25, 2014

Genre :: Alternative Rock

Label :: United Pursuit Music

Hometown :: Chattanooga, TN, USA

Michael Ketterer & United Pursuit - The Wild Inside 2014 Biography and History
History :: 
Ketterer Family Story ::

My wife (Ivey) and I (Michael) have been married fifteen years this past December. I know that seems like a long time, and that’s because it is! We became the best of friends in high school and were married shortly thereafter. We actually met while working at a local ice cream shop. I was the manager and Ivey, assistant manager.Ketter BoysNeedless to say, there were nights no work was done at all. We would spend paid hours goofing off and making messes. Our relationship at the time was assuredly plutonic, purely at Ivey’s demands. She expressed quite diligently that she only wanted a friendship with me and that was all. However, we were quickly discovering  we made a great team. After examining my options I decided to ask Ivey to marry me. My proposal was a shock to everyone, including Ivey. It was quite a romantic undertaking, one in which I could share another time, but for now all one needs to know is that she said “yes”.

A short two years later, my wife surprisingly became pregnant! On birth control we conceived a girl! Twenty-eight weeks later she was born! For those of you that didn’t catch that, it means our daughter came prematurely! During an emergency C-section my wife and daughter we’re both dying. I can remember like yesterday the doctor standing in front of me with facts of impending doom. I also remember the rush of courage, in actuality it was probably cortisol, whatever it was it lifted me to my feet and caused me to look dead into the physicians eyes and declare over my small family that they will live and not die!

I wanted to give you a quick background of our relationship in order to lay a foundation. You see, from the very beginning Ivey and I were a team, one well aquatinted with hardship. The thing about hardship and pain is that it only possesses the amount of power you allow it. The minute you choose to fight for joy and fun is the minute your perspective begins to change. Notice I didn’t say circumstances change, but perspective changes. Once your perspective changes it’s wild how quickly you uncover solutions. This is a lesson we were learning and still are to this day. And even though life was tough, it was not in vain. God was using every hardship to prepare us for what lied ahead.

 Six years ago, at the age of seven, my daughter Sofia began having dreams of us adopting. Her dreams were remarkably vivid. Each dream detailed the same story line. There were always three little boys. The youngest around one year old, was always in danger. It was Sofia’s responsibility to save him. She would wake up from her dream crying to either Ivey or myself demanding we adopt these little boys. Now, I’d like to say Ivey and I had always been open to adoption, but it simply wasn’t true. Even after Sofia’s dramatic birth and my wife’s inability to conceive thereafter, we still never thought of it. And even if we did, how could we possibly afford it! We were growing quite comfortable with our little family, free to roam the earth at a whim! Little did we know that our comfortable life was about to be shaken.

Sophie KettererIt only took Sofia and the Holy Spirit about two and a half years to persuade us into adoption. But even after our hearts warmed to the idea there was still the clouding question; how do we rummage up the finances? International adoptions average somewhere between twenty to thirty thousand dollars, and the cheapest stateside adoption, a black child from the intercity, is still ten to fifteen thousand dollars. How does a young couple come up with that kind of cash? It was only after meeting one of the most beautiful families; eight children, four white, four black, four girls, four boys, that our eyes were open to a third option.

We found out that it’s possible to adopt through foster care. We found out that the adoption process is not only most of the time free to foster-parents, never to exceed five hundred dollars, but the government actually pays parents to care for these children! My wife and I were astounded! “Why are more believers not doing this?” we asked ourselves. Doesn’t the scripture clearly explain caring for the orphan and widow is the purest form of religion? I was literally blown away! We were both filled with fresh vision and hope at the possibility of adoption.

Maybe we could now have my daughters dream?

Wait a minute!

Let’s slow down just a little!

I know we’re starting to get excited about adoption here, but my daughter’s dreams included three boys! My wife and I definitely weren’t ready for three boys! Or at least we thought we weren’t. We consoled Sofia time and time again, making sure she knew we were not specifying that we would only take boy orphans. “Little girl orphans need homes too,” I would say. She would always respond in her tender ten year old voice, “Whatever you say dad.” She is so much like her mother.

Shortly after completing our training and certification my wife received our first call from the agency. We braced ourselves, my ear pressed against the back of the phone. The caseworker on the other end of the line spoke,

“Mrs. Ketterer, we have a possible placement of a sibling group if you choose to accept.”

“What kind of sibling group?” She responded.

“Three boys mam, ages four, three, and one.”

Our jaws hit the floor, we knew instantly these were our children, Sofia’s dreams, our sons.

“Yes,” Ivey replied, and our lives would be forever changed.

Ketter BoysThese boys came with a warning, the agency wanted to be very clear and upfront about their behavioral problems. The caseworkers words exactly: “these boys are like wild wolves.” Our answer was still a resounding yes! Nothing is too great for God; love assuredly covers a multitude of sins! Thank God for naivety. Remember when we asked, “why aren’t more believers doing this?” After only a few weeks we were beginning to understand why some could be apprehensive. As a matter of fact, we were realizing how we had judged all kinds of people. From our six-bedroom home in a small neighborhood we judged parents. We said things like: “how could anyone neglect or harm a child?” We began understanding that the children were not the only victims but their parents were also a product of their upbringing. We were realizing our ministry was not just to our children but to parents, caseworkers, lawyers, and judges. The foster care system had opened up our eyes to an entirely new world that had once laid beneath our noses.

We later uncovered in the police report that the two older boys were found outside a meth lab running through the woods. When the police raided the premises they found the youngest boy in a crib drinking from a spoiled milk bottle. The police estimated he had gone several days without food. Our first season with these “wild wolves” in our home was quite a challenge. We dealt with issues such as being born addicted to meth, malnutrition, detachment disorder, heightened sensitivity, severe ADHD, pooping and peeing all over everything, color blindness, and dental issues out the wazoo! But all of this was just that, a season. Underneath all the symptoms we were uncovering hearts of gold. With each day we chose to love, more and more of their true identity began surfacing. With each day the wild orphan boys were becoming sons.

Ketter BoysToday we have three amazing, well adjusted, and full of life boys. Their ages are seven, seven, and four years old. Additionally we have adopted another four-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, and are fostering another four-year-old boy. Yes, you read that correctly. We have two seven year olds and three four year olds in our home, all boys. We call the four year olds our triplets. One is African American, one is white, and the third is Hispanic. My wife always says; “only God can give you triplets like that.” Each of our five boys came within a twelve-mile radius of our home. Who knew there were orphans in our own neighborhood?

Michael & Ivey Ketterer

Through our experience our eyes have been opened to how God is working in our own community. We have seen the power of God move in our own lives bringing healing to those around us.   We have been enriched by the love we have experienced. The battle for our boys has been extreme at times, but it has never compared to the joy, and revelation of the Fathers heart we have gained. The bible doesn’t call us to be merely sitters, or to be readers or listeners of the word. It calls us to be doers of the word, warriors in His kingdom. In James 1:27 it explains that the purest and most undefiled form of religion is caring for the orphan and the widow. I grew up pondering on how ironic this scripture is, because as a pastor’s son, I never saw orphans given any kind of a platform. It was only after adoption that I gained a revelation about this scripture. The only way to truly care for orphans or widows is for the church to act as its purest design: family. Orphans and widows only gain they’re deepest needs in the context of family. What every orphan needs is a father, a mother and there is a gaping hole in each individual until that is filled. After all, it’s the very thing our heavenly father did for us. I always say, if you want to be like God, adopt!

Three years ago my wife and I said yes to James 1:27. It’s not only the cry of orphans to have family, but the heart of the father to place them in one, Psalm 68:6. Can you hear their cry, will you respond? Will you become family to the orphans in this world, in your neighborhood? If you would like to learn how to get more involved we have included some resources. One of the easiest ways is to buy my latest album The Wild Inside. A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to Childhelp, the organization that helped give us our sons.

Michael Ketterer & United Pursuit - The Wild Inside 2014 live worship tracks
Tracklisting ::
01. Wild One
02. Awaken the Child
03. For Freedom
04. Be Your Heart
05. Praises
06. Shine
07. My Salvation
08. Dry and Broken
09. Pressing on (feat. Will Reagan)
10. The Real Thing
11. Coming Alive
12. One Who Lives



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