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Fight The Fade - Second Horizon 2014 English Christian Album Download

Fight The Fade - Second Horizon 2014 English Christian Album Download
Second Horizon is the latest Christian Alternative Rock album released by American Christian Rock band, Fight The Fade. This album was released on May 20, 2014 and released under the label, Fight The Fade Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: Second Horizon

Artist :: Fight the Fade

Release Date :: May 20, 2014

Genre :: Alternative, Rock

Label :: Fight The Fade Music

Hometown :: Tulsa, OK, USA

Fight The Fade - Second Horizon 2014 Biography and History
Biography ::
Fight The Fade (stylized as FTF)
Is an American rock band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, formed in 2009. The band's lineup consists of singer Zene Smith; guitarists Tyler Simpson and Bryan Conway; and bassist Trevor Taylor. They are known for their rock music which incorporates other sounds such as alternative rock, hard rock, Respectively, Jason McPhail was the band’s original lead vocalist, and was replaced by Smith in 2011.

To date, Fight The Fade has released one studio album: What We Know (2012), and a self-titled EP (2009). Fight The Fade released a studio single on September 13, 2011 entitled "House Of Cards" which featured first time studio performances from Zene Smith and newly added rhythm guitarist Bryan Conway. The band is well known for their energetic live shows.

After playing numerous shows in their hometown, the quintet set out on self-booked tours in 2010 while still remaining independent in 2013. Fight The Fade's commitment to the road has allowed them to tour the country and back, sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in music, Switchfoot, Thousand Foot Krutch, Underoath, Skillet, Disciple, Fireflight, The Letter Black, Love & Death (Ft. Brian "Head" Welch of Korn), As I lay Dying, Red, and Newsboys to name a few.

May of 2012 brought the new era of Fight The Fade with "What We Know" the debut EP of the newly featured lineup. The EP featured hit singles "House Of Cards" & "Tomorrow" of which gained regional and national success. The record also saw release of a music video for the title track, along with 2 official lyric videos.

In February 2014 they announced “Second Horizon” the full length follow up to “What We Know.” Along with the announcement released the title track and later released “Rise” as the second single from the new record. Second Horizon is set to be released May 20th 2014.

Fight The Fade - Second Horizon 2014 Band Members
Band Members ::
  • Tyler - Guitar
  • Bryan - Guitar
  • Trevor - Low Guitar
  • Zene - Mouth
Fight The Fade - Second Horizon 2014 live performance on stage
Tracklisting ::

01. Alive
02. Beside The Dying Fire
03. Second Horizon
04. Confessional of Lies
05. Monolith
06. Desolate
07. Lost (feat. Vince Lichlyter)
08. Ignition
09. Re-Archetype
10. Rise
11. Cut Me Off (You Can't)
12. Breathe


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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fellowship Creative - Running to Follow 2014 English Christian Album Download

Fellowship Creative - Running to Follow 2014 English Christian Album Download
Running to Follow is the latest Christian Worship album released by American Christian union of Fellowship churches, Fellowship Creative. This album was released on May 13, 2014 and released under the label, Fellowship Creative Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: Running to Follow

Artist :: Fellowship Creative

Release Date :: May 13, 2014

Genre :: Worship

Label :: Fellowship Creative Music

Hometown :: USA

Fellowship Creative - Running to Follow 2014 biography and history
Biography ::
Fellowship Creative is a movement of artists emerging from and evolving around Fellowship Church, where life change inspires creativity, and creativity inspires life change. Every song, every video, every expression has a story behind it – and that story begins with who Jesus is and what He does in people's lives.

Fellowship Creative - Running to Follow 2014 during practise sessions
Tracklisting ::

01. Glory in the Highest
02. Running to Follow
03. Future Back
04. Never Be Without It
05. Magnify
06. Jesus My King
07. Desperate for You
08. Home
09. Always Been About You
10. The One I Need
11. God of the Rescue
12. The Everlasting
13. Beautiful
14. The Takeover (Bonus Track)
15. The Everlasting Unplugged (Bonus Track)


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Thi'sl - Fallen King 2014 English Christian Album Download

Thi'sl - Fallen King 2014 English Christian Album Download
Fallen King is the latest Christian Hip Hop Rap album released by American Christian Rap artist, Thi'sl. This album was released on May 06, 2014 and released under the label, Full Ride Music Group.

Album Details ::

Album :: Fallen King

Artist :: Thi'sl

Release Date :: May 06, 2014

Genre :: Hip Hop, Rap

Label :: Full Ride Music Group

Hometown :: St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Thi'sl - Fallen King 2014 Biography and History
Biography ::

A lot of people ask me, “Why do I do what I do, the way I do?” I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, in one of the worst neighborhoods in America, in one of the worst times in the country’s gang history. In my neighborhood just like a lot of other neighborhoods around the world, it was plagued with violence and drugs. Where I grew up 75% of the males believe that there is one way to make money and that’s trapping or as you would say selling drugs. When it comes to gangs, If your hood bangs and you hang out, you are visible to other hoods, so you might as well bang cause you affiliated, so we bang. If you a male in hoods like mines you either trapping, robbing, stealing, murking for money, or you broke. It’s the same for the women, 75% of the females either on welfare, boosting (stealing clothes), trapping or looking for a dude with money to support them, and that’s how it go. Our mindset is, “this is where I am, my momma a drunk or smoked out, my daddy was this so that’s what I’m gone be, all my family in the street get it like this, my whole hood live this way, I have to do what I have to do, this is life.” You add this onto the back of a sixteen year old that just had a baby, everyday he comes in the house there is no food, a house full of crack heads, and you get what you see in the inner cities around the world, "Survivors!" This life that we live is made to look cool, by the media, movies, magazines, documentaries, and of course, music. Most rappers you hear today spitting gangsta are “Fake thugs, point blank period!” They have never touched a gram of dope, never banged a ratchet (a gun), and have never even been hood at all, never! Every now and then you get a couple of them that really are hood, when they come out talking about hood life, the struggle of it, the drive of wanting to get out by any means necessary, they become our voice because their story is our story and therefore it becomes the soundtrack to our life. When your hear a dude talking about your struggle and you see him come up out of it, you think that can work for you and even if it don’t, the pressure that comes along with the life we live will make you try it because anything is better than this. I don’t condone anyone selling drugs, stealing, killing, robbing or any crime, but I do understand the mindset of the people that do it for survival. I’ve been in the situation where my kids didn’t have any where to stay, no family to help and thinking from a hood mindset, I would have murked the world to feed my babies. I understand the young boy that wants to be a man and provide for his family so bad that he would rob to do it. I understand that he only uses the things that he knows and I spit to give him hope that there is another way to live. "Thats why I do what i do." One day I was awakened to the fact that the way i was living was all a lie! Everything that my hood, music and movies told me was not what i was born to be, I wasn’t born to be a goon, killer or murderer. I was awakened to the fact that females were not made to be toys of my sexual pleasure. They were not part time conversations or trashcans for me to dump my hurts and emotions. I learned that God made them, as well as myself, and that God had a purpose in mind for me and them. In the hood we are some of the most religious, hypocritical people I have ever seen. We have what my friends and I call “Hood Theology.” We know God exist, we say we love God, we pray, we may even go to church, but we think God is cool with everything we do. I know I been there. I’m in the back of the police car cuffed up, I’m like, “ God get me out of this please I will never do it again.” Soon as I’m out the car I’m right back at it again. I’m stupid high riding in the car, like, “man God please don’t let me crash, I’m done getting blowed.” Soon as I wake up the next day I’m right back at it again. Faced down in the trap house by the police, guns in my face, guns busting at me, shot up in the hospital almost dead, locked up on felonies and get out messing with nasty girls. What ever the case is, we see that the grace of God. that same grace gets us out of trouble time and time again and we go right back to what we do, because God keeps showing us grace and we think it means He’s cool with what we live. That’s what I thought to, because God kept showing me grace in my (most I just named) situations I thought God was cool with how I was living, but he wasn’t, and if you living that way He is not cool with it either. The truth is this;
Romans 1: 4 Or do you presume on the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that God's kindness is meant to lead you to repentance?
5 But because of your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath when God's righteous judgment will be revealed.
That’s why God shows us mercy and grace, so it can lead us to repentance, to faith in Jesus, but instead we continue on and store up wrath for ourselves. I know because I was the same way, I thought God was cool with everything I did because I knew he was always letting trouble past me by that I deserved, but He wasn't . Grace says even though you deserve to go to jail for the rest of your life, I’m going to let you free. Even though, you should have HIV from all the people you slept with, you don’t. Even though, you should be dead from those 9 shots or even paralyzed, you’re not because of Grace! God’s grace should lead us to repentance! We should look at the grace that God is showing us and turn from our sin filled wicked lives and live for Him! Instead the sin in our hard hearts pushes us to continue on and use God’s grace like a diaper, we dirty it up and throw it away and then we call him again when we need Him. Still again, there is grace. That’s what grace is even though we deserve the consequence; God doesn’t allow it to happen. When I learned about the biggest act of grace I was rocked to the core. For the sin we commit we should receive death, not just death but hell. That’s another part of “Hood Theology,” that hell doesn’t exist, but that’s a lie. The biggest act of grace for you and me was this,
“Romans 5:6 for while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly (for you)
.7 For one will scarcely die for a righteous person-though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die-
8 but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
9 Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God.10 For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by his life”.
That’s why God keeps showing you grace, so you can see His love, repentant your sin and believe in Jesus as your savior. That’s love, that God would put His Son to death in your place for your sin. When I learned about that I was so gone on the fact that God loved me that much, that grace lead me to repentance. Now I am a voice crying out to hoods across the globe saying, “look at the grace of God while you are still alive and repent.” A voice of the people from amongst the people, “saying we don’t have to suffer as murders, thieves and trappers,” saying, “Young girl you're worth more than that, God loves you, you have a father in Him, and you can be more than a baby momma.” That’s why I rap the way I do, this is why I do what I do.”

Thi'sl - Fallen King 2014 singing live on stage
Tracklisting ::

01. Broken Crown
02. King Without a Crown (feat. Corey Paul & Swade)
03. Chicago - Detroit
04. King of the Trap
05. Keep Grinding (feat. Brian Owens)
06. Rooks (feat. SPZRKT)
07. No Make Up
08. Inside out (feat. Laquan Green)
09. Dream Team (I Had a Dream)
10. Do Something Bout It (feat. Nonna)
11. Take My Life (feat. Flame & Json)
12. Fallen King (feat. Marz)
13. Be King (feat. Laquan Green)
Digital Booklet - Fallen King



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Jeremy Casella - Death in Reverse 2014 English Christian Album Download

Jeremy Casella - Death in Reverse 2014 English Christian Album Download
Death in Reverse is the latest Christian Contemporary Pop Rock album released by American christian artist, singer, song writer, Jeremy Casella. This album was released on May 06, 2014 and released under the label, Saint and Pilgrim Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: Death in Reverse

Artist :: Jeremy Casella

Release Date :: May 06, 2014

Genre :: Pop, Rock, Contemporary

Label :: Saint and Pilgrim Music

Hometown :: Nashville, TN, USA.

Jeremy Casella - Death in Reverse 2014 Biography and history
Biography ::
Jeremy Casella is a singer/songwriter based out of Nashville, Tennessee who has made his living for the last 13 years by sharing his songs and stories all around the United States and occasionally parts of Europe.

He has released 4 records independently and is currently in the process of recording his 5th studio album. In addition, Jeremy has been part of various side projects (like The Message:Psalms ) and has worked as a producer and songwriter for several years now.

Seeking to communicate Truth & Beauty in his work as an artist, Jeremy has also been involved with The Square Peg Alliance (a fellowship with other like-minded singer/songwriter friends such as Andrew Peterson & Jill Phillips) and the Indelible Grace hymns movement which takes old hymns and sets them to new music.

Jeremy Casella - Death in Reverse 2014 recording studio
Tracklisting ::

1. Sing Me Back
2. Letter from an Old Friend
3. The Old Cinder of a Burnt out World
4. On the Evening Train
5. Beauty Leads the Way
6. The Sower
7. Let It All Go
8. Steel Eyes
9. Night Vision
10. Field of Glory
11. The City of the Lord


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Seventh Day Slumber - We are the Broken 2014 English Christian Album Download

Seventh Day Slumber - We are the Broken 2014 English Christian Album Download
We are the Broken is the latest Christian Pop Rock album released by American Christian Rock band, Seventh Day Slumber. This album was released on May 13, 2014 and released under the label, VSR / Capitol CMG.

Album Details ::

Album :: We are the Broken

Artist :: Seventh Day Slumber

Release Date :: May 13, 2014

Genre :: Pop, Rock

Label :: VSR / Capitol CMG

Hometown :: Dallas, TX, USA.

Seventh Day Slumber - We are the Broken 2014 Biography and History
Biography ::
From its indie beginnings at the tip of the 2000s to debuting on BEC Recordings in 2005, Seventh Day Slumber has continuously raised the bar of alternative rock excellence coupled with an unabashed gospel message. It’s a tightly wound dynamic that’s not only seen the band’s last two albums land on the Billboard Heatseekers charts (at #10 and #6 respectively), plus a string of Top 10 singles (including the smashes “Caroline” and “Oceans From the Rain”), but it’s also quite literally saved lives. As the group prepares to release the worshipful Take Everything, the story of front man Joseph Rojas’ delivery from depression and a $400 per day cocaine addiction has already been well circulated. But many might not be aware of the fact that his previously estranged father came to Christ as a result of a recent Seventh Day Slumber concert.

“My father called me out of no where after he’d been following the band online and asked if I would be interested in meeting him and I said ‘absolutely!’” recalls Rojas, even withstanding early memories of abuse and subsequent divorce. “He told me his brother had died and his three nephews were weeping at the casket, which made my dad pose the question ‘would my kids cry for me if I died?’”

Following the conversation, the front man flew his father to Nashville, reconnecting for the first time on a significant scale since childhood. From there, the senior Rojas took a road trip with the band during the summer festival run, including a faithful day at the Alive extravaganza where Joseph gave an altar call.

“It had started to rain, but I still saw about three hundred kids come forward to accept Christ,” he remembers. “In the crowd of people running to the altar, I saw my father coming forward and he wound up giving his life to Christ at one of our concerts! Now my father and I actually have a relationship, and while we don’t get to talk as much as we should simply because I’m on the road so much, it’s a pretty awesome addition to the story.”

More than being merely an anecdote, the experience was one of the many catalysts behind Take Everything, which finds the group specifically centering its content around a praise motif, but in a remarkably unexpected way. Instead of merely copying the current cuts on Christian radio and cranking out a few cliché-drenched copy cats, the project puts a fresh coat of paint on familiar favorites, enriched by three original cuts that find Rojas and company at their most spiritually vulnerable and intimate.

“We wanted to make these songs more appealing to some of the youth and teenagers out there,” he says of staples like “How Great Is Our God,” “I Can Only Imagine,” “Famous One” and “Nothing But the Blood.” “They’re all really amazing songs and are obviously known by millions of people, but we wanted to record them in way that wasn’t wrapped around the traditional arrangements. We wanted people who wouldn’t normally listen to worship music to hear it in a way that’s relevant to them.” Considering BEC falls under the Tooth & Nail/Solid State umbrella, inspiration from label mates like Underoath, Demon Hunter and Anberlin wasn’t all that far behind, not to mention Seventh Day Slumber’s pre-existing alternative centering. Basically the guys kept their iPods on shuffle, allowing the intermingling of these worship cuts to channel themselves through osmosis into rough necked rockers.

“We wanted to come up with something really interesting, taking the same lyrics and basically the same melodies, but putting a completely different spin on them,” he echoes. “So there we were going through our iPods listening to a heavy riff from Underoath one minute and “How Great Is Our God” in a standard worship format the next and subconsciously started taking those traditional worship songs and making them heavier.”

As noted, in addition to nine covers, the collection boasts three stirring originals, starting with the title track. At first, Rojas admits thinking “okay, I gottta write three songs for this worship album and I want to give the label something they’ll be excited to hear,” though that mindset quickly shifted to a much more spiritual centering.

“I opened the book of Psalms and starting copying what David had written down, but I began to feel convicted as I heard God asking ‘is that all you’ve got for me?’” he ponders. “I also felt Him asking ‘why were you writing a song to your label instead of a song to me?’ and my heart began to sink. So I grabbed my guitar, began to pray and told God He deserved more from me, and at that point, I just literally told him to take absolutely every part of me. It’s one thing to live some mediocre Christian lifestyle, but I want God to have every piece of me and that’s exactly what this record is about.”

“Carry Me” is another attention-commanding new cut that is once again steeped in surrender, specifically geared towards people hurting from the aftermath of divorce and growing up without one of their parents. A stripped down version of the previous hit “Ocean From the Rain” brings Seventh Day Slumber’s journey of praise full circle, reminding listeners that no matter how severe the storm in their life, healing and hope are always attainable resolutions.

As Rojas and his band mates sit back justifiably proud of the project, there’s also one untapped angle that has the leader particularly pumped. Now that the singer’s a family man himself, he notices the songs on Take Everything resonating with his three young sons in an extremely meaningful manner.

“They’ve sang daddy’s songs before, but these songs aren’t just about my hurts, pains and addictions,” he adds. “They’re singing to God Himself, which is something I didn’t really have growing up but wished I did. These songs let them know that there’s more to life than toys and they also let me know there’s more than my own situations and problems. He’s the ultimate source of our souls finding hope and rest, which after seeing it happen firsthand with my own life and now my father’s faith walk makes me even more excited to sing these songs than ever before.”

Seventh Day Slumber - We are the Broken 2014 music video performance
Tracklisting ::
01. We Are the Broken    
02. Comatose State    
03. All She Wants    
04. Goodbye    
05. Trust In Me    
06. Skyscraper    
07. Strong-arm    
08. In Too Deep    
09. No One Knows    
10. Solemn Oath


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Beckah Shae - Champion 2014 English Christian Album Download

Beckah Shae - Champion 2014 English Christian Album Download
Champion is the latest Christian Dance & Electronic Pop album released by American Christian Hip Hop, R & B artist, Beckah Shae. This album was released on May 06, 2014 and released under the label, Shae Shoc Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Champion

Artist :: Beckah Shae

Release Date :: May 06, 2014

Genre :: Dance & Electronic, Pop

Label :: Shae Shoc Records

Hometown :: Nashville, TN, USA.

Beckah Shae - Champion 2014 Biography and History
Biography ::

For nearly ten years, soulful singer/songwriter Beckah Shae’s been steadily gaining momentum, establishing her very own Shae Shoc Records with her husband/constant production collaborator Jack Shocklee and turning in seven studio CDs. Along the way, she’s racked up top 10 Billboard Christian CHR radio singles like “Here In This Moment” and “LIFE,” scored a Dove nomination for the latter gem, served as a featured guest on tobyMac’s Billboard blockbuster Tonight album, collaborated with fellow multi-million album seller Montell Jordan on his latest Victory World Music project Shake Heaven and is also gearing up for two appearances on Dove Award winning rap luminary T-Bone’s upcoming album.

As extraordinary as her ascent’s been thus far, Shae’s eighth album unequivocally signals the California born/Nashville bred artist’s arrival as a national force that doesn’t just overflow with her own creative excellence, but also boasts a massive list of all-star guests including Israel Houghton, Crystal Lewis, T-Bone, Eric Dawkins and Canon, sure to solidify her burgeoning platform as a positive hitmaker all the world over. But there’s much more to Champion than merely one of the hottest pop, electronic, R&B and hip-hop soundtracks of the entire year. In fact, a further foray into an astonishing testimony paints Shae as not only the ultimate survivor, but also someone who continues to thrive thanks to faith at the center of her foundation.

“My parents divorced when I was very young, so I come from a broken home,” shares Shae of a complex back story to becoming a Champion. “I walked through many challenging times with my mom, including abusive remarriages, being very poor and spending a lot of time in other people’s homes including battered women’s shelters. Alongside all of that, I suffered a lot of insecurities and went through a season of eating disorders, but even amidst it all, I always knew God was with me and for me.”

In spite of her circumstances, Shae had a supernatural encounter with the Lord at a very young age that she believes planted deep-rooted beliefs beyond verbal explanation. She also credits her devoutly faithful mother, who comes from a strong Jewish family but nonetheless converted from Judaism, and in turn, introduced her daughter to Christ. It’s a faith and heritage the singer/songwriter always clung to even during her tumultuous teens, but it wasn’t until she found herself at her lowest, darkest place in humility and brokenness before the Lord in her early 20s that she surrendered her life completely and was delivered entirely from her personal demons and toxic environments.

“My mom introduced me to Jesus- she’s my Champion as far as that is concerned- and through her humility, grace and love, I saw God’s faithfulness first hand,” she recalls. “I was never personally abused physically or sexually at all, which is an absolute miracle with all that was going around me growing up. Those years allowed me to see Jesus as my savior, protector, provider, best friend, comforter and counselor, which really established who I am today.”

As Shae transferred all of those emotions into Champion, she’s happy to report that besides being happily married to the immensely ingenious “Shoc,” they also have two beautiful children (Joy and Grace) and she’s now walking in complete freedom from the anxiety and bulimia that plagued her younger years. Even a single spin of the album indicates just how vulnerable but concurrently hopeful she’s willing to dig into her songwriting, always striving to channel those previous challenges into a means of present day healing for strugglers of any stripe.

“I’ve walked through a season of defeat, but now I’m walking in victory,” Shae proudly proclaims. “Seeing yourself the way God sees you is the beginning of that freedom and that idea comes through in the theme of Champion. Since we were poor and were always moving around, I had to start over and meet new friends every time. With each adjustment period, I always felt misunderstood, misjudged and like people always had their own assumptions about me. Progress has been slow, but I've stayed persistent and consistent in being faithful to God and this is what He’s done. I’m super passionate about helping others see themselves the way God sees them, no matter what season of difficulty they’re going through. I want them to listen to this and not just see from my life’s example of God’s healing capabilities, but for them to be inspired, encouraged and come to know God intimately, choose the incorruptible, be invincible, see the invisible, and do the impossible.”

Not only has a firm reliance on the Lord paid off in her personal life, but there’s no doubt God’s anointing continues to be on every aspect of the Champion album. Take her fittingly titled “Legacy” collaboration with the legendary multi-Dove Award winner/Grammy nominee Crystal Lewis, which is an unbelievable full circle journey for Shae that she hopes can be passed down to the next generation of music fans.

“One of my darkest times as a teenager was when I was staying with a Jewish family member where I couldn’t really share my Christian faith, and I didn’t have a church or have any type of community,” she explains. “But one of my friends from back home sent me Crystal’s Beauty For Ashes CD and I remember playing it back and forth from my job at the time and having it be the sole source of ministry for me that season. Fast forward all these years later to me getting involved in music, and I was able to present the song idea of leaving a ‘Legacy’ to her and she agreed to be a part of it. She’s been a real Champion for me and is a real example of an artist who planted a seed without even realizing it until decades later. And that’s exactly what I hope to do with my music- sow seeds in other people and have them bear fruit sometime down the road.”

Speaking of someone with a trophy case full of Grammy and Dove Awards, another key collaborator throughout Champion is Israel Houghton, who duets on “Jericho,” a robust pop tune about tearing down the walls that hinder us. The two initially became fast friends when collaborating on T-Bone’s recent tune “Posses My Body” for the I’m In Love With A Church Girl soundtrack, but God also showed additional providence in linking these two powerhouse performers up for this blockbuster duet.

“First off, he’s one of my all time favorite worship leaders, and number one on my dream list of people to collaborate with, so for him to basically say ‘when are we gonna do a song together?’ really blew my mind,” admits Shae. “And check this out for timing and how God’s redefined Champion for me throughout this whole recording process. There was one more vocal part I needed for Israel to complete and we were under a tight deadline, so I called him on the off chance he might be in L.A. for something music-related, even though he travels back and forth between homes in L.A. and Texas. Not only did Israel happen to be in town, but he was at a restaurant right up the street and came in after dinner to finish the vocal!”

And it only gets more mind-boggling from there! Ever see the name Eric Dawkins pop up in CD booklet credits? He’s collaborated with everyone from Justin Bieber to Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera and even Quincy Jones, but wound up reaching out to Shae via Twitter completely unprompted, praising her vocals and suggesting they write together.

“I hadn’t written any songs with anybody before, but I was working so many hours and getting super tired towards the end of the record that the idea of possibly collaborating with outside writers came to me,” she asserts. “Then Eric contacts me after he just wrote on Justin Bieber’s album and I’m like ‘how do you even know about me?’ But we talked on the phone about ideas and he sent me back a demo the very next day, which was absolutely crazy and lead to us writing three songs together- He is brilliant & humble, a genuine Champion, yet another example of how God totally hooked us up!”

In the case of teaming with T-Bone on “My All,” they actually already had established a great friendship (so that was an easy one), though even with their personal connection, Shae makes sure to point out “he’s absolutely an incredible artist and person and has been pioneering hip-hop for decades.” Besides sounding absolutely phenomenal together, the track also benefits from some co-writing assistance from fellow mainstream heavy hitter Crystal Nicole, who’s notched massive hits for Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Rihanna, alongside an armload of Grammy Awards. “It’s a simple song about how He gave His all for us, and that the least we can do is give our all back to Him.”

Throughout all these tunes, Shae turns in the utmost musical relevance, which could just as readily appeal to fans of Christian music favorites tobyMac, Group 1 Crew or Capital Kings, as current EDM scene shapers Zedd (with additional ‘80s-inspired grooves gleaned by sources as diverse as Michael Sembello’s Flashdance soundtrack smash “Maniac” to Peter Gabriel’s Say Anything staple “In Your Eyes”). But of course, no beats would be complete without her main man “Shoc,” who Shae calls “my favorite person on the planet, plus a man of integrity, generosity and loyalty,” not to mention “a constant source of all around inspiration and the crazy talented man who makes all the sounds come together.”

Continues Shae while turning the tide back towards the tunes: “I definitely hope this connects with the Rihanna/Katy Perry crowd, plus there’s more EDM on this album and it’s definitely a hype CD. We got so much feedback from the Destiny album saying how much everyone loved the dance tracks and were looking for more upbeat music to work out to. There’s also a remix of ‘Incorruptible’ by David Thulin, and a remix of ‘Turbo Style’ with Canon that dives directly into the hip-hop world, which is also a new exploration for me.”

Even with all the four on the floor dance grooves, there’s still plenty of room to let Shae’s incomparable voice shine, most notably, on the mid-tempo treasure “Vision.” “That’s definitely my favorite song on the record,” she adds. “Everything about the way that I think and the concept of seeing with your heart is the center of that song. Having the Lord steer my ‘Vision’ is what keeps me moving and keeps me focused to finish strong.”

Naturally, a conversation about Champion can’t be complete without a nod to the title track, which is an all out overcoming anthem anchored in Hebrews 12:2 to remind believers to keep their eyes firmly planted on Jesus, the one and only Champion of our faith. “The imagery we used on the album cover is a drop of blood, which compliments the line in that song ‘it’s in my blood,’” sums up Shae. “Basically because of His blood, we can go on and be a Champion to others. That blood drop is really the theme of this album. The reason why any of us are champions is because we have the bloodline of the ultimate Champion.”

Beckah Shae - Champion 2014 Hip Hop album tracklisting
Tracklisting ::
01. Champion
02. Incorruptible
03. Turbo Style
04. My All (feat. T-Bone)
05. Promise
06. Jericho (feat. Israel Houghton)
07. Heartbeat
08. Me and My God (feat. Eric Dawkins)
09. Pioneer
10. Legacy (feat. Crystal Lewis)
11. Your Kingdom Come (feat. Joy & Grace)
12. Vision
13. Me First
14. Turbo Style (Jack Shocklee Remix) [feat. Canon]
15. Incorruptible (David Thulin Remix)


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Shane & Shane - The Worship Initiative, Vol. 1 2014 English Christian Album Download

Shane & Shane - The Worship Initiative, Vol. 1 2014 English Christian Album Download
The Worship Initiative Volume One is the latest Christian Worship album released by American Christian Folk Worship Duo band, Shane & Shane (Shane Barnard & Shane Everett). This album was released on May 06, 2014 and released under the label, The Worship Initiative.

Album Details ::

Album :: The Worship Initiative Volume One

Artist :: Shane & Shane

Release Date :: May 06, 2014

Genre :: Praise & Worship

Label :: The Worship Initiative

Hometown :: Dallas, TX, USA.

Shane & Shane - The Worship Initiative, Vol. 1 2014 Biography and History
Biography ::
For the last 15 years, God has not only allowed us to boast of Him through song, but He has given us the awesome privilege of pouring in to other musicians, songwriters and worship leaders around the world. These opportunities have ignited a fire of discipleship in our hearts.

Our mission is to launch an online resource to empower musicians to LEAD. A place that will be a JOY for you dive deep into what you are gifted and called to be. And, we need God’s grace and your help to make it happen. We have been working diligently for months; recording songs, making videos, and writing content that we hope will deeply encourage the Church.

Shane & Shane - The Worship Initiative, Vol. 1 2014 live video tracklisting
Tracklisting ::

01. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
02. This Is Amazing Grace
03. All the Poor and Powerless
04. I Need You
05. In Christ Alone
06. Beautiful Things
07. Come Thou Fount (Above All Else)
08. 10,000 Reasons
09. Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)
10. Happy Day


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Michael W. Smith - Sovereign 2014 English Christian Album Download

Michael W. Smith - Sovereign 2014 English Christian Album Download
Sovereign is the latest Christian Praise & Worship album released by American Christian worship leader, singer, composer, musician Michael W. Smith. This album was released on May 13, 2014 and released under the label, MWS Group under Sparrow Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Sovereign

Artist :: Michael W. Smith

Release Date :: May 13, 2014

Genre :: Praise & Worship

Label :: Sparrow Records

Hometown :: Franklin, TN, USA.

Michael W. Smith - Sovereign 2014 Biography and History
Biography ::
Michael Whitaker Smith was born October 7, 1957 to Paul and Barbara Smith in Kenova, West Virginia. A sister named Kim would follow. Michael was a typical boy – active in baseball, his family’s church activities, and playing piano. But in not-so-typical fashion, he wrote his first song at age five. At the age of ten, he made a decision to give his life to Christ. He dreamed of playing professional baseball.

Michael attended college at Marshall University in West Virginia but after one semester dropped out to move to Nashville and pursue a career in music. (side note trivia: In 1992 Michael received an honorary Doctorate of Music degree from Alderson-Broaddus College in Philippi, West Virginia.)

The years 1979-1981 are best written by Michael himself in his book It’s Time To Be Bold. From chapter 1, we read:

    While playing keyboards for the group Higher Ground, I signed my first songwriting contract with Paragon/Benson Publishing Company. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I was knocking down $200 a week to do something that I loved. Writing songs for a living meant that I didn’t have to wait tables anymore, or work at Coca-Cola, or plant shrubs with a landscaping company.

    I thought my life had peaked and God didn’t have to do anything else for me. I wasn’t looking for a record deal, a higher salary, or even a girlfriend – and especially not a wife. Writing music, I was as content as I’d ever been, and I labored at it sixteen hours a day. Then one afternoon while I was working in my office, Deborah Kay Davis walked by.

    I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. When she passed by, it was all over for me. I was blown away. Totally head over heels in love. I frantically picked up the phone and called my mother in West Virginia.

    "Mom, I can’t believe it. You’re not going to believe this, Mom. I just saw the girl I’m going to marry.

    "What’s her name?"

    "I don’t know, Mom. I haven’t met her yet. But I gotta go. I’ll find out and call you back."

    My poor mother! She must have thought I’d lost my mind. But I’d never been so clearheaded in my life.

    I left my office and went searching for this girl in the warehouse. Sherlock Holmes couldn’t have done a better job of tracking her down, and eventually I found myself standing outside the ladies’ restroom, waiting for her to emerge. She walked out. I introduced myself. We were engaged three and a half weeks later – and married four months after that!

In 1982, Michael was asked to play keyboards in a band that was backing up young artist Amy Grant. He also continued to write songs for himself.

The story goes that Amy’s managers, Mike Blanton and Dan Harrell could not find a Christian record label that would sign Michael or a young New Yorker named Kathy Troccoli. Believing so much in these two young talents, they started Reunion Records.

Michael made his very first record in 1983 and it was called “Michael W. Smith Project.” Michael wrote all the music and wife Debbie wrote the lyrics. The now famous song “Friends” debuted on this album. Michael continued to tour with Amy, now as her opening act.

From there – the records kept coming, and then the books as well:

    1984 – the album “Michael W. Smith 2”
    1985 – the video “Michael W. Smith Live in Concert”
    1986 – the album “The Big Picture” and Michael’s first book Old Enough to Know
    1987 – the album “The Live Set” and the video “The Big Picture Tour”
    1988 – the album “i 2 (EYE)”
    1989 – the album “Christmas”
    1990 – the album “Go West Young Man” which saw the song “Place in This World” hit the top 5 in pop charts, and helped earn him American Music Award’s New Artist of the Year.
    1992 – the album “Change Your World”
    1993 – the album “The First Decade” (a best-of album) as well as a limited edition 2-cd boxed set entitled “The Wonder Years.”
    1995 – the album “I’ll Lead You Home”
    1997 – the book It’s Time to Be Bold and the book Friends Are Friends Forever
    1998 – the album “Live the Life” and the book Your Place In This World and
    at Christmas his second Christmas album “Christmastime”
    1999 – the album “This Is Your Time,” the book This Is Your Time, as well as
    a cookbook with his mom entitled Cooking with Smitty’s Mom and a children’s book co-authored with wife Debbie entitled Where’s Whitney?
    2000 – the album “Freedom”
    2001 – the book I Will Be Your Friend and the album “Worship
    2002 – the book Worship, the book The Price of Freedom the vhs/dvd “Worship” and the album “Worship Again”
    2003 – the CD box set “The Gospels Come to Life” (narration of the four gospels), a DVD “The Bigger Picture” and the album “The Second Decade” with a limited edition DVD
    2004 – album “Healing Rain”
    2006 – the movie and soundtrack “The Second Chance
    2006 – the album “Stand”
    2007 – the album “It’s A Wonderful Christmas”
    2008 – the album “A New Hallelujah”
    2009 – the live dvd “A New Hallelujah”
    2010 - the album"Wonder"
    2011 - the album "Glory"

In the midst of 22 albums and ten books as well as the awards (Dove awards and Grammy awards among them), Michael and Debbie were blessed with five children: Ryan, Whitney, Tyler, Emily and Anna; and in recent years the family has continued to expand as his children have expanding families of their own.

In 1994, Michael founded a teen club called Rocketown in an effort to provide a place for teens to gather in a safe, loving environment. A warehouse in the Cool Springs area of Brentwood, TN was converted into a dance floor, rooms with pool tables and a coffeehouse. After three years, the club closed. The leadership continued to build a ministry devoted to kids, and a new site in downtown Nashville that reopened in 2003. Visit Rocketown at

In 1996, Michael founded Rocketown Records with Reunion executive Don Donahue and launched their first artist, Chris Rice. Michael and Don shared a dream to be part of a label where great songs were the focus, where artists, not acts, were developed. They wanted a label that felt like a family. And what a family it is! Go to to learn more!

In 1999, a prayer group of Michael and Debbie’s that had been meeting at their farm, had blossomed into what they felt had become a church body. Gathering up some leadership, Michael and Debbie helped start New River Fellowship with close leadership by Pastor and mentor Don Finto, former senior pastor of Nashville’s Belmont Church where Michael and Debbie had attended for many years. Visit New River Fellowship at Throughout his career, Michael has had the opportunity to sing for Presidents and national leaders, and counts among his friends the Reverend Billy Graham and his son, Franklin Graham. He is active in Billy Graham Crusades as well as The Samaritan’s Purse, the ministry headed by Franklin Graham.

But for all of Michael’s accolades, for his involvement in his teen outreach Rocketown, leadership in his local church body, the business of being an artist, an author and a record label executive, Michael sums up his life as this, “to be remembered as a God-fearing man who loved his wife and kids well.

Michael W. Smith - Sovereign 2014 live performance with vocals and piano
Tracklisting ::
01. You Won't Let Go
02. Heaven Come Down
03. Miracle
04. Sky Spills Over
05. All Arise
06. You Are The Fire
07. Christ Be All Around Me
08. Sovereign Over Us
09. Hide Myself
10. The Same Power
11. I Lay Me Down
12. The One That Really Matters [feat. Kari Jobe]


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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hillside Worship - God Above All 2014 English Christian Album Download

Hillside Worship - God Above All 2014 English Christian Album Download
God Above all is the latest Christian Praise & Worship album released by American Christian Church band, Hillside Worship. This album was released on April 08, 2014 and released under the label, Hillside Worship.

Album Details ::

Album :: God Above all

Artist :: Hillside Worship

Release Date :: April 08, 2014

Genre :: Worship, Gospel

Label :: Hillside Worship

Hometown :: Napa, USA.

Hillside Worship - God Above All 2014 Biography and History
History ::
“Praise the Lord for ALL He has done.” (Psalm 111) It is good to take inventory of the things God is doing and has done. And it is good to share the story of how He has saved. He has used both our faithfulness and our failures for His glory and for our good. Several of us have been writing songs of worship individually for a few years. But we wanted to come together as the worship pastors of Hillside to write about what God is doing here and now. And then to offer praise from Hillside to God.

We hope you enjoy this live worship project called “God Above All.”  So many people gave their prayers, talents, sweat, and hours of work to deliver this project.  Your words, emails, and prayers of encouragement have been a special gift to us.  We wanted to capture (for you) some of the thoughts, scriptures, meditations, and moments that have led to the writing and recording of these songs for, to, and about God. We feel deeply called to “preach the Word, pray the Word, and sing the Word.” In the song stories section, you can read and watch the “how” behind some of these songs. We hope you enjoy it and are led to search the richness of the Scripture in your own life.

Psalm 103 says, “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget none of His benefits.” Meditating on His benefits, it is impossible to not praise Him with even more conviction and belief. We pray that as you explore through some of these songs and their origins, you will be inspired to join us in worshipping The One and Only, the God who satisfies, the Breath of Heaven, the Great King of Glory, the Lord Most High, Our Messiah King… the God Above All.

Hillside Worship - God Above All 2014 live worship by church choir
Tracklisting ::

01. Lord Most High
02. Great King of Glory
03. God Above All
04. Hallelujah Sing
05. The One and Only
06. Breath of Heaven Come
07. Messiah King
08. We Are Alive
09. Satisfied
10. He Is Risen
11. I Am Yours
12. Be Lifted High


Christian Album Download


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